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Proceed to checkout

imageI did it.  I finally did it.  I pushed the Proceed to checkout button on my Amazon cart.

I had the new Amazon Kindle Fire in my cart.  You see, I put it in there when I first learned of that Amazon had announced that it would be released on November 15th.  I told you back in September that I drooled myself when I saw it.

I’ve been wanting an e-reader for quite some time now.  My Aunt has a Kindle e-reader and absolutely loves it.   A friend as a Nook Color and loves it.   I’ve had the chance to look at both, and while I really liked the Nook Color, I wanted a Kindle.  I do a lot of shopping on Amazon, and I am comfortable with their customer service.  On the imagerare occasions in which I have had a problem with a product, their no hassle return made me feel much better about shopping with them.  As I was saying, I put the Kindle Fire in my cart back on September 29th.  Hubs has told me several times to go ahead and buy it.  So, I put it in my cart. Funny thing is, I’ve actually pulled it out of my cart a few times, to place orders for other things that we NEEDED, and then I put it back in.

You see, I just have a hard time spending money on myself.  Spend it on my kids… no problem.  Spend it on my husband… sure bet.  Spend it on me… I hyperventilate.  I have an easier time giving money away than I do spending it on myself!  I don’t know why I am like that.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that for so many years, I never felt like I had money to spare on things I wanted, let alone to pay for the things I needed.

When I was nineteen and bought my house, there were plenty of weeks where my only meals were Ramen Noodles or the pizzas that I earned as part of my shift while working at Pizza Hut!  And when things were really tight, even the Ramen Noodles were iffy.  By the time I moved to Chicago, I had managed to rack up a sizeable amount of debt (mostly medical, but some of it just plain dumb choices) and was trying to pay it down.  Some of it even ended up being written off by the lender (or service provider), but I knew that Psalm 37:21 says, “The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives.”  So, I paid back even that which was written off.  No way I wanted to be classified as wicked!

So, spending money on myself is not something I do often, or do well.  I’d sooner set fire to my own hair and scream “hey, hey, look at me.”  Of course, I don’t HAVE any hair, but you catch my drift, right?

So, with much agony, I finally did it.  I pushed that button.

And then I hyperventilated.  Seriously.

Honest to goodness, I even considered cancelling the order, because I just do not spend that kind of money on something that is really only beneficial to me.  An ice cream maker attachment, a device which benefits everyone in the house, is one thing.  But a personal e-reader is another.  But, I forced myself to walk away from the computer and let the transaction go through.

Honestly, though, I cannot wait to get it.  It is going to feel so good to have fresh reading material at my fingertips at all times!  Of course, with a 2yo and a 3yo, I also purchased the 2 year Square Trade Warranty for Kindle Fire.   I would just cry if one of them spilled milk on it and that was “all she wrote.”  With the warranty, I feel a little less nervous having an expensive electronic device around them.

I just know I am going to love it… but if I don’t, I can always return it.  LOL.

So, now I have to make my list of e-books that I want to read.  I’ve already added Moody’s Anecdotes And Illustrations Related in his Revival Work by the Great Evangelist, Les Misérables, War and Peace, and Silas Marner to my Kindle Books.  Silas Marner is probably one of my all time favorite fictional works.  The story is well written and so emotive!  I enjoyed Les Mis as a play, so I am hoping I will enjoy reading it as well.  I’ve never read War and Peace, but a friend recently mentioned it and said how much she loved it, so I thought I would give it a try.  And I enjoy reading just about anything by D.L. Moody, so there was no question on that one.  Plus, they were all FREE, which is my favorite kind of book!   I have a few others I want to read, but I want to read some more contemporary works as well.  So, tell me, what have you been reading lately, and do you recommend it?

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