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Prescription Audio CD Review

Excuse me while I take over my wife’s blog for a minute to talk about Prescription Audio.

Prescription Audio

Prescription Audio was developed by Jill and Rod Slane, a husband-wife team, in 2005. Rod Slane is an experienced composer and innovative sound engineer. He created the Life Program, and then the Natural Wellness Therapy in 2006.  One of Prescription Audio’s earliest goals was to ease the mental suffering of Veterans affected by PTSD, and to that effect they supplied Miami Veteran Medical Center with Prescription Audio free of charge. Prescription Audio uses quantum harmonics, which are layers of sounds frequencies – including music and sound waves – to bring someone to a state of relaxation/sleep in a matter of minutes

When Virginia asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Prescription Audio CD’s, I immediately asked for the Chill CD.  To my surprise, I received both the Chill CD and the Noturne CD.

NocturneNocturne- helps users to get the most restorative levels of sleep in as little as 2 weeks

The Nocturne CD is a single 60 minute track meant to help you get to sleep  quicker and deeper.  It consists of mainly tones and nature sounds. You can hear the layered sounds and deep tones used to help guide your brain into a delta level of sleep.  Delta sleep is considered the deepest and most restful stage of  sleep.  I used this CD one night while going to sleep.  It was very relaxing and helped to clam my mind as I went to sleep. I can see how using it continuously overtime can help adjust your brain into getting better sleep.

Since our daughter recently decided to protest bedtime, I thought we should try the Nocturne CD out in her CD player at night.  While I am not certain if anything is going to deter her from throwing her nightly fit, it does seem like the fits are getting shorter.  I don’t know if it is the CD, or if she is just realizing that she still has to go to sleep.  Either way, I’m glad.  And I think I’ll keep the Nocturne CD in her player.

ChillChill- stress relief for the mind & body

The Chill CD consists of 5 relaxation tracks.  An 8 minute, a 15 minute, an evening meditation, and a longer 24 minute track with and without the guided voice over.

All the tracks offer a great mix of music, tones, and nature sounds. The 8 minutes track doesn’t have any voice over. The 15 minute track has a brief instructional voice over at the beginning as does the Evening Meditation.

The 24 minute track consists of the same. The voice over at the beginning focuses on your clearing your mind, your breathing, and relaxing muscles throughout your body.  I was hoping the voice over would have continued a bit more into the track, but it didn’t and by the time it was over,  I was glad that it didn’t because I think it would have been annoying if it did.  With it being the longest track,  I like the fact they copied it without any voice over and used it as the last track.

All of the tracks on Chill are very relaxing and natural sounding.  I could easily take a brief break at work and relax by using one of these.  It helped to clear my mind and to calm myself.   I have always wanted to find something like this to see how well it really works.

For both Nocturne and Chill, they highly recommend that you use headphones.   I can totally understand this as the tracks sound better with headphones and any background noise would be blocked out, making you focus on what you are listening to. When using the Nocturne CD, there are lower tones in it, which I think would work better with headphones (unless you have a nice stereo with a subwoofer).

Both of these CD’s worked great and I highly recommend you check them out.

You can learn more about Prescription Audio by visiting their website, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

Oh, and my wife says I have to tell you that we received complimentary copies of the Chill and Nocturne CD’s to facilitate this review, and that all the opinions expressed are our own and are based on our own experience and that your experience may differ. Check.

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming!


This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own


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