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Preparing for Home Remodel

We’ve talked about it for a year.  We’ve waffled on flooring choices, color choices, cabinets, and more.

By this time next week, we should be elbow deep in our home remodel.

First, I moved all the groceries onto the shelves in the laundry room.   Then, we spent some time unloading these cabinets…

kitchen cabinetskitchen cabinets

Into these totes…

storage toteskitchen in totescookbooks in storage totesstorage totes

Then Hubs spent some time pulling up these baseboards…

removing baseboardsbaseboard removal

Tomorrow we are going to order this hardwood Kempas flooring (we are getting rid of the carpet in the whole house)…

Kempas flooring

I am nervous, and excited…

Did I mention we are taking out part of this wall next week?

wall dividing living room and kitchenwall dividing living room and kitchen

The wall separates the kitchen and living room.  We are leaving enough wall for the refrigerator and a 24 inch wide pantry height cabinet.  The rest is going bye-bye.

Oh, and we’re getting rid of this door…

replacing sliding glass door with French doorreplacing sliding glass door with French door


And installing a set French doors.


This should be interesting, with two preschoolers afoot.

Your prayers are appreciated.  Smile

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Good luck! I wish I had the time, money and energy to do some remodeling to my house.

  2. WOW! It seems like a lot of work ahead but I bet it will look great. I look forward to seeing the results!

  3. I can’t wait to see the progress (hope you’re documenting the whole thing)

  4. Wow thats a lot of work! Don’t forget to have fun while making all these changes

  5. How incredibly exciting!

  6. I love the flooring you choose. I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  7. doing things like this can mean a lot of work but the rewards do pay off can’t wait to see the finished projects

  8. I am so excited for you, I can’t wait to see what you do with the house!

  9. Oh lots of work, but it will be so cool when you’re done!

  10. Good luck, sounds like a lot of work but so rewarding at the end. Can’t wait to see the final photos.

  11. You are going to love your new floor. We put it in our previous home and wish we had it here too. So much easier to clean!

  12. The hardwood is going to look so good!

  13. So exciting! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when you all are done!

  14. cant wait to see it done 🙂

  15. Can’t wait to follow along the process. =)

  16. Wow — you’re just doing it all!

    LOVE the flooring choice.

  17. Think of how much value you will be adding to your home!! LOVE the flooring!! Can’t wait to see the rest of it!

  18. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve really been into watching shows on HGTV like Property Brothers and I love to see how they renovate the homes.

  19. Good luck and I’m def praying for you!

  20. Hopefully you will get it done quick.

  21. OHHHH can’t wait to see it as you get it done 🙂

  22. Exciting stuff! I know you’ll be glad when it’s over. Home improvement stresses me out, especially with little ones around.

  23. Sounds like you are going to have your hands full! I can’t wait to watch as you complete each step!

  24. I’ll be praying that all goes well! Home remodeling is alot of work, but I cannot wait to see the progress!

  25. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what it looks like! How fun!

  26. your flooring is going to be gorgeous. i’d love to tear ours out. Its similar to yours

  27. This is just SO exciting!!!!! I can’t wait to see how it all comes out.

  28. That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s done. French doors are on my wish list too… they are so nice!

  29. Wow, the new flooring looks awesome, love wood!

  30. Wow, that is a lot of work. Good luck. I’d never be able to take on so much at one time. You’d have to admit me into a mental institution.

  31. The french doors will be great – don;t worry. I had them!

  32. I’m excited for you! I’d love to update my kitchen!

  33. I bet it is going to be gorgeous!

  34. This makes me want to do some redecorating!

  35. April Decheine says:

    Good luck! I love remodeling, your going to love the french doors!

  36. I love french doors!

  37. wow, what a huge job! I love the idea of the open floor plan by ripping out the kitchen wall!

  38. Getting rid of the carpet? BEST THING EVER! Enjoy!

  39. Sounds like a big job. Opening up the floor plan sounds nice. My house is very choppy with the layout of the rooms and walls. I wish I had something more open so I could see the kids play while I’m cooking!

  40. We just finished a kitchen remodel. Such a relief when it’s all finally done.

  41. exciting! 🙂 cant wait to see

  42. April Decheine says:

    Hope it is going awesome!!

  43. French doors will look really nice!

  44. How’s it going? Any updates?

  45. Good luck on the project. Considering this was posted a few weeks ago, you should be knee deep in the project if not done yet. I will have to go browse your blog to see how you are doing. This seems like quite a task. I wonder if it is the two of you doing it or if you have hired help?