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Power Capes Giveaway (3-16)

Custom Superhero Capes

We’ve spent some time recently talking about heroes.  Because I firmly believe we all have hero potential, I teach Mister and Sister that they, too, can be someone’s hero.  I’ve explained that heroes help others, teach others, and sometimes even rescue others.  I’ve taught them that being a hero means that you put someone else’s feelings, needs, or safety before your own.  I’ve taught them that being a hero is fun, and superhero capes are optional.

Of course, Mister liked the option of a hero cape, so I accepted an opportunity to review a kids cape from Power Capes.  Mister was very specific about the cape he wanted.  He wanted a red cape with gold lightning.  I knew that he would think his superhero ensemble was incomplete without the facemask, so I ordered one of those, too.  All Power Capes superhero capes are made by hand in the USA of 100% satin.

Mister was pleased as punch when his hero cape came in.

He was not, however, pleased when Sister spilled Mommy’s coffee on his precious cape.  You would have thought the end of the world was announced, and his ability to save it was washed away.

Of course, I grabbed the cape and threw it in the laundry.  AFTER I read the washing instructions (gentle wash, line dry, iron on the inside).  After I washed it, I hung it over the heater vent in the kitchen to dry.  I was pleased that the coffee came out, and he was pleased that his ability to save the world was restored.

He also announced that I am a Super Mom.

All that, for a cape!

I am convinced that inside every person is a hero, and that it is up to each person to let his or her hero shine.

How about you?

Power Capes would like to give one lucky That Bald Chick reader a kids power cape, to help their little hero shine.

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Haha we all want to be superheros..great giveaway! thanks for it 😉

  2. blue Kids Cape with yellow shield and silver B

  3. I would get a blue cape, with a white star, and Red W on it for my son!

  4. OK, that’s pretty cool. And I see on site that some capes come in adult sizes. *rubs hands together*

  5. I want this one with my Super Coupon Girl logo emblazoned on it, LOL!

  6. black Kids Cape with aqua sp. circle and orange A

  7. I would like the Bubble Gum Pink, White crown, and eggplant L

  8. Pink cape, crown emblem and the letter C

  9. I think Rylie would like the bubblegum cape, with a purple crown, with a light pink R. 😀

  10. Kimberly says:

    I like the Red Custom Superhero Cape with the crown emblem with the initial K on it.

  11. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh Lucas would love the green cape with yellow lightning bolt on it with initial L!

  12. April Brenay says:

    Custom Superhero Cape
    Cape Size:Hero
    Cape Color:blue
    Cape Emblem:lightning
    Cape Emblem Color:black-sparkle
    Cape Letter:E
    Cape Letter Color:white-sparkle

  13. Shannon Baas says:

    blue cape with black crown and letter t.

  14. Kit Bentzley says:

    I would like a blue cape with the Letter “R”.

  15. Kathleen Downes says:

    Blue Superhero Cape with Gold Lightning

  16. Corry Engelbrecht says:

    I would get the blue sidekick (ages 2-7) cape with a red sparkle lightning bolt, and the letter ‘C’ in gold!

  17. Jessica Rose says:

    I’d get the Sidekick cape with a sparkle orange star and a white B

  18. blue cape, pink star!

  19. Jessica B says:

    Green with gold lightning!

  20. Eileen Burke says:

    I love the emblem cape with the lightning bolt

  21. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I like the kelly-green Kids Cape with black lightning

  22. Richard Morris says:

    i’d choose the bubblegum color and crown emblem in sparkle black

  23. I’d have to get the fuchsia Kids Cape with bubblegum lightning and black sp. S for my grand daughter Sophia, because she’s SUPER!

  24. bubble gum super hero cape with the Letter D and no emblem.

  25. Kat Dailey says:

    Black cape with lime green lightning bolt.

  26. Red cape, yellow lightning bolt, letter R

  27. I would love the emblem one: fuchsia Kids Cape with aqua lightning
    Tam S.

  28. Red Cape, yellow Lighting bolt

  29. mary renshaw says:

    I like the red with a lightening bolt and a G!

  30. Ann Council says:

    Blue cape with lightning symnol in yellow with initial “G”.

  31. Blue cape, yellow lightning bolt and red S.

  32. pink cape with a flower

  33. susan varney says:

    i like the fuchsia kids superhero cape with a purple heart

  34. I would love a kelly green sidekick with a gold lightening bolt & a black C

  35. m.furlong says:

    blue Kids Cape with yellow shield and red A

  36. Barbara Hunt says:

    Thanks for the great contest!

  37. Michelle H. says:

    I know it would be red because my son loves “The Incredibles”. I would probably add a lightning bolt or the first letter of his name.

  38. I’d like the Kelly Green cape with a black shield and a green E

  39. blue, super shield, and the letter S for my daughter’s name