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Potty Training Kits from Potty Tots

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imageHave you ever had something completely fall off your radar?  Last YEAR I received the award winning Potty Training Kit for Boys from Potty Tots.  It was my intention to write the review for it right away… as I just knew it would be the turning point in potty training Mister.  He had been showing signs of readiness for potty training…

  • He was staying dry for hours at a time, including overnight.
  • He was curious about the bathroom, and what we were doing in there.
  • He was typically aware of when he needed to go.
  • His bowel habits were consistent.

Apparently, however, my then 33 month old son had different ideas about potty training.  He decided he wasn’t ready.  His body was ready.  But HE wasn’t ready.  We had watched the DVD, that comes with the training kit, at least thirty times.  We had the potty chart poster on the wall, as well as the reward game with the cool football clings.  We were following the tips on the parent page of the website.   We were doing everything right.   Or so it seemed.  We were praising him, and rewarding him, when he went on the potty.

He just wasn’t ready.  Sister wasn’t potty training, and I guess he figured if she didn’t have to go on the toilet, neither did he.

Then, in April it happened.  One day, Mister asked if I would teach him how to read.

At that particular, I was extremely frustrated.  I had just changed what felt like the hundredth diaper of the day, and it was a particularly nasty Mister poopy diaper.  So, when he asked me about teaching him to read, I said the only thing that came to mind… “Reading is for big boys.  When you decide you want to BE a big boy, and go potty on the toilet, Mommy will teach you how to read.”

Within two weeks, he was completely toilet trained.  He would run through the house, saying the steps of the Potty Chart.  Of course he had it memorized.  We had watched the video a thousand times and walked through the steps on the chart at least that many.  He KNEW what to do.  It was just a matter of him choosing to do it.  And apparently, learning to read was his “currency.”  You see, I had been rewarding him with stickers, small toys, candy, etc.  But, since he didn’t really care about those things, they weren’t really motivating him to toilet train.  Learning to read, though, was another story.  He wanted that.  It mattered to him.  So, he would do whatever it took to get there.  And if going on the potty was the key to learning to read, he considered it done.  I am certain that had I been able to figure out his currency sooner, he would have potty trained much earlier.

By the time he had decided to toilet train, I had completely forgotten about the review.  Today, as I was helping Sister wash her hands after going potty, she looked at the potty chart (which is still hanging on the wall) and said “step 1…” When she did, it dawned on me that I didn’t recall ever posting my review of the Potty Tots product.  So, I came out, did a site search, and sure enough, it came up empty.  I AM SUCH A JERK!

I made the mistake a few months ago, when Sister was about 75% potty trained, of switching her to big girl undies on MY SCHEDULE.  Well, she didn’t like them.  In fact, she took them off and threw them in the trash.  And flat out refused to go potty on the toilet.   She has shown zero interest in potty training since the “big girl panties” incident.  That is, until this weekend.  Now that Sister is starting to show interest in potty training again, I plan to start playing the DVD again while I try to figure out HER currency!  Of course, I have the Potty Tots DVD memorized, “I can do it all by myself, but sometimes I need a little help… My potty chart it shows me how, and I can go to the potty now…”  Fortunately, it is a cute DVD, and I don’t mind watching it another thousand times.

I would definitely recommend Potty Tots Training Kits if your child is both physically AND mentally ready for potty training.  I only ran into trouble with potty training Mister because in his little head he was singing the ever popular Sinatra tune, “I did it MY WAY!”

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  1. Very good review!

    You know so many parents have it in their heads that certain milestones HAVE to happen at certain times. It isnt always the case 🙂 I like how your son decided what his motivation was- and it all made sense to him. Now.. to figure out what makes a little girl move to big girl panties!

  2. Wow what an awesome tool to get them to go.

  3. I’ll have to remember this for when my little girl is “ready.” Thanks for posting!

  4. when my god daughter is ready to train I’ll send my best friend your way.

  5. kids will do it at their own pace when they are ready but it’s nice to help a little

  6. I wasn’t able to use things like that with my son, but my daughter responded to them.

  7. I used the “get naked” method with my kids and made my own charts. BUT, I have a few friends that will love this idea. So, I am going to pass this info along.

  8. This would have been great when my son was being potty trained.

  9. I’ve got a son who has the same song running through his head.

    As for me….I just keep singing “I Will Survive” to combat it.

  10. That’s so cool that reading was such an incentive for him. I loved reading your stories surrounding this kit!

  11. I would have appreciated having this when mine were younger. 🙂