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Pocoyo Toys and Pocoyo World


Pocoyo (which means “little me” in Spanish) follows the adventures of an inquisitive three-year old boy and his animal friends. Elly (the elephant), Pato (the duck), and Loula (the dog) join Pocoyou as he laughs, dances, and plays his horn across the screen.  The show is carried on Nick Jr and on PBS stations.  It has won multiple awards and encourages children to learn through laughter.  The charming, vibrant and multi award-winning animated preschool series Pocoyo, already an international hit, is now brought to life for American preschoolers with Pocoyo Toys, including bath figures and plush!

Pocoyo ToysPocoyo Bath FiguresPocoyo Vehicle Set ToyPocoyo Plush

Pocoyo is a hit with Mister.  So, for his birthday, he received the Pocoyo Squeeze n Play Musical Plush toy.

Here he is with his little pal Pocoyo.

Pocoyo Pocoyo Pocoyo

The musical plush Pocoyo plays three sounds when his tummy is pressed, including his signature giggle.  Mister loves his Pocoyo toy, and even tried to blow Pocoyo’s horn.

Pocoyo can now also be found in Pocoyo World.

imagePocoyo World is an online environment where you can create your own virtual “me” and enjoy games and adventures alongside your favorite characters, forming part of a virtual community where you can make friends and share activities.

In Pocoyo World, learning through laughing is the motto, and there are educational activities that are enjoyable and encourage creativity, games that stimulate skills and reflexes (and award virtual gifts), as well as Pocoyo episodes and melodies.  You can design and dress your own character in Pocoyo World.  You can have a private area to decorate and let your imagination rule.  You can also earn prizes by solving amusing mysteries.  And all of this by using controls that any child can manage.  All of the Pocoyo characters are there to help you.  You can have a pet, buy it food, and take care of it.  The Pocoyo World Experience is unique and parents and children alike can learn and discover when having fun together.

Pocoyo World has both Free and Premium options.  Just by registering you will have access to all Pocoyo World areas, games, activities, and shops, and you will also be able to exchange
gifts with your friends.  Users who belong to Pocoyo World’s Premium Club will be able to access lots more content and areas, and get exclusive virtual objects (costumes, vehicles, interactive objects, etc.). In addition, they will receive a monthly report monitoring their activity on Pocoyo World and have the chance to take part in exclusive events and promotions.

Learn more about Pocoyo World at  You can even Pocoyizate yourself with a cool web ap. Here’s mine…


Pocoyo Toys and videos are now available at Toys”R”Us stores across the U.S. and on

You can follow Pocoyo on Facebook and Twitter.

Pocoyo is celebrating his First American Christmas in New York City.  To help him celebrate, Pocoyo has invite his friends to participate in “Pocoyo’s 25 Days of Christmas Contest” at for a chance to win prizes.  Participants will have an opportunity to win cool new Pocoyo merchandise, and everyone who participates will receive a FREE premium upgrade to

I received the aforementioned complimentary Pocoyo Squeeze and Play Musical Plush toy to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions express are 100% my own and are based on my own experience.  Your experience may differ.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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