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Picture That Sound #review

Although I enjoy scrapbooking, I do not get to do it nearly as often as I would like.  I do, however, try to make cards and such for special occasions.  While I was pregnant with my son, Mister (now almost three) I looked ALL OVER for a product that would allow me to record his heartbeat for our scrapbook.  My Mom had told me that they existed, but I searched high and low and could not find any.  I was pretty bummed when I couldn’t find a product like that in any of the scrapbook stores or craft stores that were local to me.

I was recently contacted by Jenn of


Jenn is the President and inventor of Picture That Sound.  She recently left corporate America to spend more time with her kids and create this memory-keeping product that couldn’t be found in stores. Picture That Sound features an archival audio-recording device within archival paper.  I was really excited to chat with Jenn, a fellow scrapper, and to try out the Picture That Sound line of products.


The Picture That Sound cards come in sets of two, with designs available for Pregnancy/Baby, Birthday, Boys, Girls, Performance (i.e. recitals, dance, etc), Wedding, and Any Occasion.  Jenn was nice enough to send me the Any Occasion set for review.

I thought long and hard about how to use the set, and finally settled on using them for Christmas cards for my parents and Hubs parents.  I used archival quality Christmas themed scrapbook paper and stickers.  The Picture That Sound cards are 7×5 inches in size, so I cut my paper to 7×6 inches and used double sided photo splits to adhere the paper to the back of the card at the top, and then fold it over, so it looks like the flap on a landscape card.  I then added some stickers to pretty it up a bit.


I added some stickers to the inside, but didn’t want to cover up the speaker, so I took it easy there.


I will be adding pictures of the kids as well, as soon as I figure out which ones to use.  LOL.

For the piece de resistance, the kids will give each set of grandparents a special Christmas message.

I know that these Christmas cards will be treasured for a LONG time to come.

I really think that the Picture That Sound cards meet a felt need in the crafting and scrapbooking community!  I just wish I had found them sooner!

You can purchase the Picture That Sound sets at  They are $24.99 per set of two, and there is currently a free shipping with purchase offer.

For more creative ideas on ways to use these cards, check out Picture That Sound on Facebook and Picture That Sound on Twitter.

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  1. Those are too neat! I may have to buy them for my grandma. Thanks for the awesome review!