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Peppa Pig Review

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It was like Christmas here last week!  No joke: I arrived home from running to the grocery store (for the 900th time that week, thank you…) and found a gigantic box in my entryway.  First, I wondered what I had ordered and was worried I Peppa Pig toys and bookwas busted because it was my husband who brought the box inside.  Then, I remembered the Peppa Pig review I had lined up!  Whew…I avoided being in trouble!  In all seriousness though: this was the jackpot of all reviews for my five year old, Ms. M!  She ripped through that box like they were the first toys she’d ever received and I had to rein her in so that I could snap pictures of the products before she opened them!  Included in my box for review were: the Bedtime Peppa Pig doll, the Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa toy, the book Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School, and a free code to download the new Peppa Pig’s Sports Day app on my phone.

Bedtime Peppa PigOk- let’s get down to the review!  Ms. M was automatically drawn to the Bedtime Peppa Pig doll.  I think it’s the age, but she is way into dolls that she can take to bed with her, although as a parent, I cringe when she wants to take an interactive (read: makes noises) toy to bed with her because I just know that she and her older sister are going to end up fighting because M is playing while K would rather be sleeping.  But I digress.  Suffice it to say that the Bedtime Peppa Pig was a MAJOR hit!  Not only did she enjoy, and memorize, everything the doll said or sang, but she tried to teach her ten month old baby sister how to talk/sing along as well!  She also requested that she be allowed to take the toy to school for show and tell.  Like I said- major hit!

Next up: the Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa toy.  This is a super cute toy- Peppa and her little brother George come complete with Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppatheir own suction cup bathtub where they can be stored in between baths.  George doesn’t do anything when submerged in water, but Peppa, who has two “muddy spots” on her prior to her bath, is able to be scrubbed clean with her scrub brush (included) and warm water.  Super cute, and my girls enjoyed cleaning her in the tub.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that the toy has stayed suction-cupped to the side of the tub vs falling off in the middle of the night, making a loud clanging noise in the tub, and startling us all awake (come on parents- you know that something similar has happened to you: a toy goes off in the middle of the night, or falls off a shelf, startling you awake and making you think someone is breaking in or your house is haunted!  Or am I the only one?).

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School bookPeppa item number 3: the book.  My older daughter, Ms. K, really enjoyed this one!  It was the only item she really felt like was for her, vs more up Ms. M’s alley.  Ms. K loves to read and she loves to read to both her siblings (which I love!).  This short story provided much entertainment and many adorable giggles as the girls listened to K read!  Ms. M loved that the story was applicable to her, as she feels that her days in her new kindergarten class are VERY busy between math, listening to the teacher, learning her letters and sounds, and eating lunch (hehe!), while I loved that the story was easy for them to understand and generated lots of conversation about the cute story afterwards.


Lastly, the new Peppa Pig’s Sports Day app, available on the app store or iTunes: this app includes 6 interactive games that young players can play on their own or with their friends and family  (obstacle race, long jump, ice cream maker, bicycle race, tug of war, and rosette making).  The games are designed to appeal to pre-K/Kindergarten aged kids (interestingly, however, iTunes markets this app for kids ages 4-5, while the app store says it’s appropriate for kids ages 3-6), and I can attest to this: Ms. K (age 7.75) was uninterested, while Ms. M thought they were thoroughly entertaining!  Of particular interest to M were the obstacle race, ice cream maker, and bicycle race games.  I’m not quite sure I think that this app is worth the $4.99 price tag, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Overall, the new Peppa Pig line, which is available at Toys R Us, earned two (or 6, if you count all of my kids!) thumbs up!  By far, the favorite item was the plush Bedtime Peppa Pig, but I think if my girls were younger, that might have been replaced by the Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig.  Regardless, we’ve loved Peppa for years but have had issues finding toys stateside, so I’m excited that we now have the option of purchasing Peppa Pig toys and books for holidays and birthdays!

Special thanks to Fisher Price and Candlewick Press for providing the aforementioned products for review consideration.

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  1. Mary Schuh says:

    This looks really cute! I love it when books/games come with toys to help a child interact.

    • We love Peppa Pig! So much that when our dog had puppies, we called one of them Peppa 🙂 My girls will read any book or play any game that involves Peppa Pig, even my almost 8 year old!

  2. We LOVE Peppa Pig in my house!! I just wish my boys didn’t think because Peppa rolls in the muddy mud puddles that they can too lol

  3. Looks like your girls loved Peppa Pig. Great to have a toy/item that goes along with a book. Brings to book to life!

  4. My kids love Peppa Pig, most especially George. Thanks for telling us about the toys!

  5. Aweee the Peppa Pig looks like such a great interactive toy. I love how she tried to teach her ten month old baby sister how to talk/sing with it. Haha took cute! 🙂