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Patty Pants

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When it comes to cute hybrid diapers, Patty Pants has got it down pat!   Patty Pants recently sent me a newborn and one-size diaper to review with Little Miss.  Patty Pants hybrid diaper inner liners are made of bamboo, as are their fitted inserts.  The hybrid shells are either woven or knit, and come in some UBER cute cute prints.  I received the newborn hybrid in Rainbow Smiles Knit and the One Size Hybrid in the pink and grey knit.

Patty Pants NewbornPatty Pants OS

We were able to use the newborn hybrid on Little Miss as soon as we came home from the hospital.  It fit her tiny hiney perfectly!  I love that it has the umbilical snap down, so we were able to use it comfortably even before Little Miss’ cord fell off.  The newborn insert just lays in the shell.  It is super soft against baby’s skin.  It washed up well, even after being poo’d in.

The One Size Hybrid, which comes with either a fold down rise, or snap down rise, is sized to fit most babies approximately 12-37+ lbs, so we haven’t quite made it there yet.  The OS insert snaps into place and is designed to fold over for a double layer of absorbency.   NICE!

Patty Pants is a mother-daughter duo, Patty and Kate, based in Michigan and Virginia.  As a mother of three, and grandmother of one, Patty decided to use her love for sewing and creativity to create sustainable diaper products for modern moms.  Kate, a first time mom of one, was overwhelmed with all the cloth diaper lingo (I’m right there with ya, Kate!) that she encountered and began testing her own designs on her son.  Then she teamed up with her Mom, and Patty Pants was born.

Patty Pants currently stocks most Mondays at 1pm EST. You can stalk follow Patty Pants on Facebook to see what they have coming up.

I’ll be giving away a Patty Pants One Size Hybrid in my Cloth Diaper Derby later in May, so stay tuned!

Cloth Diaper Derby

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  1. Rachel A. says:

    I have two patty pants regular hybrids and they are so cute! They have great prints and look great on my son. However the inserts are a bit big. We don’t wear them on a regular basis. I plan on using them later on at night when he starts sleeping through the night. They seem super absorbent!

  2. Lissa E. says:

    I only have one hybrid fitted from another WAHM, but would love to try more. There are so many super cute prints, I would have a tough time choosing!

  3. The rainbow newborn diaper is absolutely adorable. It looks like a really great fit on her tiny little bum! Patty Pants has amazing prints.

  4. Love that the OS comes with either a snap down OR fold down rise!

  5. Laura P says:

    These look so comfy and perfect for a newborn! I think the OS would be a good diaper to have in the stash too. Thanks for the review!

  6. I love that this is a family business! So fluffy, too;)

  7. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have 2 OS fitteds from Patty Pants that I use at night for my toddler! I love them, they are so fluffy and super absorbent! I would love to try a newborn diaper for my baby due in a couple weeks 🙂

  8. Jutta P. says:

    I love the idea of using a hybrid for a newborn. You change them so often, it would be nice to not have to use a cover and not worry about any leakage. The pink and gray stripe is super cute and I will definitely be getting one of those if I have another girl!

  9. Vanessa Coker says:

    Love the knit print 🙂 so nice to know it fit a newborn just fine!

  10. Lauren Powell says:

    I am definitely going to be purchasing these for my new baby. I love the teal chevron print!!

  11. Rachel N says:

    I love that it’s a mother and daughter team who make the diapers! That’s really neat. They look so comfy and soft too.

  12. Shannon Taylor says:

    I’ve been wanting to give Patty Pants a try. I’ve heard rave reviews about them.

  13. Mary Schuh says:

    I just looked at their site, and they make a Jack Skellington diaper that I MUST get for our son. I love their prints! So adorable!!