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ParkingTarget Review

Since we have been married, and since I am a terrible judge of distance, we have used hanging tennis balls in the garage to park by.   This was never a problem until our kids decided that the hanging tennis ball would be fun to play with.  They managed to knock the one off that goes on Hubs side of the garage, and I just knew that they would knock mine off, too.  It isn’t a problem for Hubs, since he can park perfectly anytime.  But for me?  Well… let’s just say I need a parking target.


  • Only ONE Needed per Vehicle
  • Roll Up To and Roll Over
  • Peel-&-Stick, Easy to Install
  • Never Miss Your Oil Leak Mat
  • No Assembly Required
  • Allows For Maximum Storage Area

Great Gift Idea

Eliminates the need for that eye sore of a tennis ball that hangs from the ceiling of your garage that tells you where to park.

The ParkingTarget is a great gadget that has adhesive backing that sticks to your garage floor and when you bump it with your tires you know to stop your car! It’s small, unobtrusive and comes with blue or pink decals that can even say “Dad” or “Mom.”

imageimage imageParking Target Mom & Dad Versions

I asked dear Hubs to install my new ParkingTarget. He was happy to comply assist.

Here it is on the garage floor.


And here is Hubs driving over it.




The really cool part is that Hubs personalized it with the nifty decals that came with it.



And now everyone knows who’s parking spot is mine!


The ParkingTarget comes with a set of decals that include plain colors as well as Mom or Dad options.

Do you have a teen that needs to park in the garage?  Or a spouse that isn’t that great with judging distance (bowing head in shame)?  The ParkingTarget would make a great stocking stuffer for them!

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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