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Our Homeschool Curriculum

Last year we used Abeka’s K5 curriculum with Mister and made it a little over half way through it before we hit a brick wall with him.  Since he technically wasn’t old enough for Kindergarten, I decided not to push him and backed off of using the formal curriculum.  Instead, we read a lot of books.  A LOT of books.  We watched educational movies, used educational websites, and played games.

MY plan was to pick up where we left off at in the K5 curriculum, and finish it this year and include Sister in our lessons, since last year she did mostly preschool stuff.

Then I decided to do a Kindergarten assessment on both kids, to see what I needed to focus on.  Sister placed exactly where I thought she would, at the end of preschool/beginning of kindergarten level.  Mister missed three things on the entire assessment… he read “pot” as “top”; was unable to put the months of the year in correct order without help; and mixed up the hexagon and octagon.   This was everything he was supposed to learn for the year, and he missed three things.  One smart cookie. smart cookie pin

(Smart Cookie Pin available on

After debating for a little bit on what to do, we decided that it would be best just to start 1st grade curriculum with him.  When our Parents as Teachers educator dropped by for a visit with Sister, Mister picked up her book of rhymes and read the entire thing to her.  She agreed that first grade was the way to go. Here’s a look at my school shelf.

curriculum shelf

We’ll continue to use the blend ladders from Confessions of a Homeschooler that I laminated eons ago. They’ve been a great resource for us!

For Mister, we are using Abeka’s 1st Grade curriculum for arithmetic, language arts, science, and social studies.  We’ve also picked up the Community Helpers notebook that we’ll go through as we have time. Mister reads his Bible every morning for devotions, plus we have Sunday school memory verse work and AWANA memory verse work each week.  His co-op classes provide Bible, art, music, and the Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 2- Swimming Creatures class.  I liked the Apologia Zoology 2 book so well that I went ahead and purchased the Zoology 1 – Flying Creatures book as well.

For Sister, we are doing some additional preschool workbooks and before we ease into the K5 curriculum.  She isn’t quite ready for it yet, which is fine, since she’s only 4.  She doesn’t need to start it until next fall.

Of course, we’ll continue to read a lot of books and watch educational stuff along the way.  We’ve also started back to our swim lessons for the year, and are really excited to see how they progress in those.

Oh, and we’ve got field trips a plenty on the horizon!

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  1. My daughter is only 3 but I already am dreading choosing curriculum! There are so many out there and I am not good at choosing!

    • Danielle- don’t dread it! Check with Moms in your area that homeschool and get feedback on what they like/don’t like. I chose Abeka, but that doesn’t mean it would work for you. Choose something that is quality and fun!

  2. We don’t plan on homeschooling but I do think I will start to work with my kids on some of the basics since we aren’t doing preschool. My oldest will be a late start into kindergarten since he was born in January. I actually am glad about that though because I have read that the older they are when they start kindergarten the better they do.