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Our First Wedding

Brian and I  initially planned to be wed in December 2006.   In fact, a Christmas wedding was something that we both were surprised to learn the other wanted when we first started dating in October of 2004.  But, when Brian’s Grandma Hig became ill, we moved the wedding up almost 10 months and had a very simple ceremony in January 2006.  All of my Grandparents had previously passed, and Grandma Hig was Brian’s only living Grandparent.  It was important to both of us that she be there to celebrate our wedding.

Here we are with Grandma Hig.


We planned the wedding in less than two weeks. Here we are with my parents.


Here we are with Brian’s parents and Grandma Hig…


With both sets of parents…


And me with my Mom…


With our wedding officiants, Pastor Alvin Gingerich and Pastor Kevin Chapman.


My Daddy walking me down the aisle…


We do…


Our first communion as husband and wife…


Our first “wedding cake” was actually fried ice cream in a local Mexican restaurant.


Since we had already booked our reception hall for December, and the deposit was NONREFUNDABLE,  we chose to wait to have our big wedding celebration, complete with wedding gown, tuxes, and wedding cake in December like we had originally planned.

People often ask us which anniversary we celebrate, when we were married in January or when we had our wedding in December.  We celebrate our anniversary in January.  But, we have lots of good memories in December.

I’ll share pictures from our wedding celebration soon.

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  1. That is really cool you were able to move your wedding so Grandma Hig was able to attend.

  2. Great photos. Looking forward to the next round of pics.

  3. How sweet that Grandma was able to attend. I know she was so happy for you both!

  4. Oh great, great looks lovely…my great grandfather was able to attend our wedding before he passed away and it meant SO much to me. I’m glad Grandma Hig was able to attend.

  5. blessings how wonderful luv the photos you both look so happy