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Oui Oui French Door

Did I tell you we are replacing the back door?

A look at our old (as in tired) sliding glass door, with the kids art work on display…

sliding glass door

We decided to go with a French door.  Hubs ran to Lowe’s to pay for it, and when he came home, he told me he found this amazing $700 lock set, and when he bought it they gave him a free French door!

Can’t beat that with a stick, ehh?

Anyway, the crew, from Owens Improvements in St. Louis, picked it up and brought it over with them when they came to rip out the wall.  Once the wall was out, it was time to put in the door.  Hubs got home just in time to help them move it.  French door
French door

Once they got the wall taken out in the kitchen, they started on the door.  Installing a French Door


French Door replacement for sliding glass door

Oui Oui, I like zee new French Door!

And you?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. We had a door and blinds just like yours and replaced them with the same French Door about 10 years ago – best decision EVER! You will love it! Enjoy!

  2. I love it. Our house has French doors going out from the kitchen to the back porch.

  3. That is going to be so beautiful in there. I love it!