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Only 108 Days Until Christmas

Christmas Countdown Clock Generator

We stopped in at Best Buy today to look at DVD players. We arrived a few minutes before the store opened and were quite surprised to find a line outside of the store.

A line… in September! If people are lining up NOW for Labor Day sales, what are the stores going to be like for the 2010 holiday season?

There are only 108 Days Left until Christmas!!!

I am gearing up for my 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide and am terribly excited about it! I will be featuring products that we receive for review as well as those that we are purchasing ourselves.

The 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide products will each receive a “featured” blog post, as well as inclusion in the dedicated 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide page.

Don’t be left wondering what to put under the tree or in the stocking, be sure to bookmark my 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide!

Are you a PR Rep or Company interested in having a product featured in the 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide? Do you own at Etsy store and want to get the word out about your holiday inventory?

As always, I am available to host giveaway promotions in conjunction with the 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide featured items, as well.  I have found that, when paired with a review, product giveaway promotions tend to drive more traffic to the giveaway sponsors site.

Please contact me for more information on being featured in my shopping guide. @ virginia(at)ladyvdzine(dot)com.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. HOLY MOLY! 108 days is it? Oh man I’m scared LOL!!!!!

  2. Really? Man – I better ramp up the shopping!