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One Load at a Time

Each morning after breakfast for Mister and Sister, coffee for me, and a bottle for Little Miss, I get Mister and Sister started on their homeschool lessons.  Mister reads his devotions out loud to Sister and Little Miss while I get started on laundry.  If I need extra time, he chooses another book and reads it to them, as well.

This is the typical laundry story in my house…


I couldn’t manage to get the top of the washer in the picture, but you can imagine it with me… there is usually one in the wash, one in the dryer, and one ready to be folded, sorted, and put away.  Sometimes I feel like the laundry monster is going to get me.

After having to strip cloth diapers several times because I forgot to remove the dryer bar of fabric softener—gasp, yes, I am one of THOSE cloth diaperers!  While I’d love to be able to line dry my diapers, I just haven’t found a way to make it work for us, so I dry my diapers on gentle low.  Cloth diapers and fabric softener do not mix well, so, I invested in some Nellie’s Dryerballs (I bought mine on Amazon).  I keep two in the dryer at all times.  I also keep a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer.  It’s enough to cause the static electricity to discharge inside the dryer, and our clothes come out virtually cling free.

With our crazy busy schedule, I don’t always manage to do the load a day to keep the laundry monster away.

I also don’t always manage to fold and put away as soon as the buzzer goes off.  I have been guilty of throwing a wet towel in the dryer to refresh a load.  :/

I do, however, manage to keep our clothes clean, soft, static free, and keep the cloth diapers in good shape without chemicals thanks to my Nellie’s Dryerballs and a ball of aluminum foil.

How do you keep the laundry monster at bay?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. diapers are actually a life saver because they FORCE you to at least acknowledge the laundry room. I’ve found that having enough clothes for 2 weeks for the kids (if possible) is the best policy. Moms are expected to look a little draggy with a baby in tow, but your kids are expected to look nice, no matter what. I’ve heard ‘one load a day’… I’ve also heard ‘fold all your items and put them away on Thursday’… both of those have helped me. Because if I do at least ONE load start to finish, then I know I’m making progress and if I have a designated day to just PUT STUFF AWAY.. then I don’t worry about other things that day. As long as I have all the laundry folded and put away, everything else can wait. I do non clothing items on a specific rotation (unless kids are sick or pee on sheets) and have at least 2 sets per bed, 2 sets+ of towels so it’s not like making those wait a day will hurt. When I get really behind, I throw all the full baskets of clean clothes either on my bed or in the living room and fold at 4 am when my husband goes to work or while we gather together before/after dinner and kind of give my husband the ‘mom’ look. He generally takes the hint. Besides, he likes clean underwear. Going without chafes 😉

  2. My best tip for keeping the laundry under control is to not wash everything every time I wear it! I know, to some it sounds weird, but things like jeans really don’t need to be washed every time and they last longer if you don’t. I also wear pajamas twice in the winter months.

    With that said, this has been a little harder to do since I’ve had kids. I tend to get cruddy really fast! So these days, i just try to throw laundry in as soon as I get up and have my son help me hang it outside. It’s almost fun when he’s helping!

  3. I’m fighting the same laundry monster battle at my house! I love the saying, “a load a day to keep the laundry monster away”! lol I use Woolzies dryer balls and I’m really making an effort to have the kids help more with the folding and putting away of their clothes!

  4. Fortunately, it’s just me and my hubby, so we have much less laundry than most. I try to set aside Saturday for laundry and knock it all out in one day.

  5. I feel like my husband and I have so much laundry between the two of us that I don’t even want to think about how bad it’s going to be once we have kids. LOL I have never heard the trick about aluminum foil. So you just throw in a ball of it in addition to a dryer ball? I’m always looking for natural alternatives to using chemical-infused products, so please tell me more! 🙂

  6. Ugh.. I am not a fan of the mean old laundry monster! I’ve never heard of Nellie’s Dryer Balls, they sound like they really do the trick! Love it!

  7. My best tip to keep the laundry monster at bay is to do a load every day. That way I can stay on top of it. Otherwise, I wind up doing ten loads at once.

  8. We do have a laundry monster here and it never goes away! Saturday is the only day that I am able to get most of the laundry done. I cloth diaper too, and usually do the diapers in the middle of the week if I can.

  9. I have the same problem! It seems like just when the wash is done, I have another load waiting!

  10. When I was raising a family I always did a load of laundry a day and then folded it and put it away. It is so much easier that trying to do it all in one day! I need to try those dryer balls!!

  11. I work on the laundry every day. It makes me crazy to see a full basket of laundry! I have never heard of the Foil ball trick before! I will have to give it a try.

  12. We do “a load a day keeps the chaos at bay”. There are 6 in our family, so I do a load every morning.


  13. I don’t. I just give up periodically and then go back to it in a few days.

  14. I have no tips on laundry, I’m terrible at it. I think we have way too much clothes, which makes way too much laundry. It is never ending!

  15. YUP.. that’s how it looks in out laundry room, too.. We only have one day a week where we can do laundry, I work full time and so does hubby so Sunday is our BIG laundry day and yes. I did clothes diapers, too and yes.. I did the laundry bar thing, too.. SOOO it’s not just you 🙂 …. I’ve tried the foil ball trick a while back, think we need to get back to that. Much cheaper and was easier, too.. thanks for the reminder

  16. My laundry room is in my office so I have no choice but to keep everything going smoothly. I get too stressed if I let it pile up!

  17. If I don’t do laundry everyday it turns into a nightmare one the weekend…like it is now.

  18. I wish I had cloth diapered with my daughter! Sounds much cheaper!