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One EskimO at Blueberry Hill

Have you heard of One EskimO?  One EskimO is comprised of four gents hailing from Great Britain; Kristian Leontiou (singer/songwriter), Adam Falkner (drummer), Jamie Sefton (bassist) and Peter Rinaldi (guitarist).  This group of guys combine talents synergistically to produce a unique blend of contemporary alternative rock that is both mellow and moving.


My first introduction to One EskimO was an animated short of the song Kandi, which I viewed after One2One Network offered to send my husband and I to review One EskimO in concert at Blueberry Hill, in the Delmar Loop of St. Louis.  Since we rarely go out on date nights, we happily accepted.

One eskimO – “Kandi” edit from Shangri-La Music on Vimeo

After watching Kandi, I expected to see a group of guys that were laid back and slightly sentimental.

It is difficult to label this band.  They cannot really be put in a box.  While listening, you alternatively feel as if you should be in a wood paneled room with pachouli burning in the corner or lying in a park reading poetry while lazily watching passers by.  This dynamic foursome is multi-talented.  Drummer Adam Falkner played a melodica (a free-reed instrument that has a musical keyboard on top which is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument) and used his seat as an instrument while bassist Jamie Sefton displayed his musical genius by playing the bass and a Flügelhorn simultaneously!  Simply watching them play made the evening worthwhile.


I had the opportunity to chat with Kristian and Adam after the set.  I introduced myself to Kristian and explained that I had texted their tour manager to see if there would be a meet and greet, but that my phone had died immediately thereafter.  He just smiled and said, “Man, I’ll talk to anyone.”  When asked what inspired the animation for the groups songs, he replied that he wanted the song to be visual, but that he didn’t want it to be someone else’s interpretation of the song (Not so surprising, considering that he had previously hit gold and produced three top-twenty singles, but was uncomfortable with the image obsession associated with pop-stardom, so he struck out on his own).

One EskimO teamed up with animators Nathan Erasmus and Matt Latchford of Gravy Media who used Kristian’s sketches to animate, “Hometime.”  The unexpected success of that animation led to the animation of the entire album.  Hometime got them noticed (and won a 2008 British Animation Award).  Their song Kandi, inspired by Patsy Kline’s Candy, got them launched.  They performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US in March of 2010, have had their music featured in Toyota commercial, and currently hold the #1 spot for adult alternative song.

While chatting, I couldn’t resist asking these guys a few serious questions… like what they thought of St. Louis.

Adam remarked that he knew it would be cliché to say, but he had never heard of the St. Louis Arch prior to coming to town.  He said, “That’s a bit like saying I’m from London and have never seen the Eiffel Tower, is it not?  He also said that he was simply awed by the engineering feet represented by the Arch and that he while he could imagine something similar being constructed with today’s technology, but that the thought of it being done forty plus years ago was amazing.  He did confess, however, that he chose not to take the elevator ride to the top.  Kristian and Adam both said that they enjoyed the Delmar Loop and eclectic mix of shops featured there. Both guys were pleasant and interesting to talk to.

One Eskimo’s self titled debut album is full of dreamy lyrics and magical melodies.  It’s like pop rocks candy for the mood…  the music melts through you and leaves you smiling, as tiny bits of acoustic genius explode amid the soulful lyrics.

One EskimO is currently on tour in North America, with upcoming concert dates in California, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

Jun 27 – KLLC Radio Show – Golden Gate Park – San Francicso CA USA
Jun 28 – Largo (solo date) – Los Angeles CA USA
Jun 29 – Fingerprints (in store appearance) – Long Beach CA USA
Jul 01 – Anthology – San Diego CA USA
Jul 07 – The Majestic – Madison WI USA
Jul 08 – Rave Bar – Milwaukee WI USA
Jul 09 – KTCZ radio show – Basilica Block Party – Minneapolis MN USA
Aug 13 – Fox Theater – Boulder CO USA
Aug 14 – The Fields at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park – Mile High Festival – Denver, CO USA

One EskimO can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.

Another highlight of the evening was that I had the opportunity to meet Margie of My Springfield Mommy.  Margie is the first mommy-blogger that I have met IRL.  It was a treat to chat with her and her husband!

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

Disclosure- One2One Network graciously provided me with two tickets to attend the concert to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions stated are 100% my own and are based on my personal experience.  Your experience may differ.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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