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Oh my glue sticks!

As you know, we homeschool and we are part of a homeschool co-op as well as a homeschool support group.  My kids are really enjoying the homeschool co-op, just like I knew they would.  One of their favorite classes at co-op is the Recycled Art Class.  Since I assist in the class, I can understand why!  It really is great fun!

Here’s just a few of the projects that Sister has completed…

oh my gluesticks

In the *eh hem* unlikely event that you can’t identify what they are, that is an owl made from a pine cone, feathers, and cotton balls; an autum tree made from recycled paper and pieces of an old puzzle; and a farm scene made from scraps of yarn, scraps of paper, and newspaper.

We’ve also made the earth from an old vacuum box, butterfly mobiles out of recycled paper and twigs, and a few other things.  Oh my glue!  Have we ever used a lot of glue, and we’re not even half way through the year!

It’s a good thing I can save on Arts & Crafts and receive Free Delivery on orders over $79 at Discount School Supply! I love their clearance blow out prices and the fact that I can save up to 70% off retail!  Their construction paper is just 97 cents for 50 sheet packages!  Oh, yah, and 30 Elmer’s Glue Sticks?  Just $14.99!!!  Score!

Speaking of art projects… how long do you keep your kids art projects before tossing them out?  What is a reasonable amount of time?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. we go through TONS of glue sticks in our house. love kids’ art projects!!

  2. Mary Schuh says:

    I’ll keep this in mind; I’m sure we’ll need school supplies discounted (because who doesn’t love saving money?!). I’m excited to start finger painting and coloring with my son in a couple months!

  3. I keep all the good stuff forever!!

  4. The everyday art and stuff, I don’t keep long at all, just no place… The big pieces that I can tell they put themselves into- those I keep in a box

  5. Oh how precious! I keep most projects that aren’t 3D in sealed plastic folders. I love looking at them from time to time 😉

  6. I keep as much of it as I can for when they are older! I can’t stand to part with them!

  7. I keep them for a few years.

  8. I have a bunch of the kids art projects stored in my shed to keep forever.

  9. My daughter’s art work is framed and in every room. Pictures from when she was 5 up to college. I do not plan to ever take them down. Now I have my grandchildrens art on my bedroom doors.

  10. That owl is really cute! And what a great idea to recycle things for art projects!

  11. You know.. I hardly EVER toss any of their craft projects.. CRAZY I know.. my oldest is 18 now and I still have his Pre-K map and Kindergarten artwork…lol.. Love looking at it every so often

  12. I keep the things I love and the rest eventually goes in the trash….sorry everyone!! I just can’t stand clutter!!

  13. Probably way longer than I should. I generally take pictures of them or scan them in then at the end of the year I make a scrapbook with their art and crafts from the year.

  14. When I homeschooled by daughter, I think that the budget for arts and crafts was the biggest!

  15. I saving only 25% of their stuff…they make way too much

  16. I love seeing kids random crafts. They come up with such funny things.

  17. Honestly it depends on the quality and sentimentality of the project. I may save a few forever but most end up in the trash.

  18. With 7 children, it’s hard for us to save every single art project. I usually keep them for a month, save 1 or two and toss the rest. But I do take pictures of them and with the child, which is way better (in my opinion). 🙂

  19. We frame the best stuff and keep the runners up in a box, probably until they are grown ups 🙂

  20. What do you mean tossing them out? I’ve never done it. STILL. I’m soooooo sentimental.

  21. My daughter is 16 and we still have some of her art projects!

  22. with 5 kids I cannot keep them all, it is impossible. I keep my favorites and take pictures of the rest.

  23. I have never met a child that did not like to recycle things to create their own works of art. This idea is always a winner.

  24. Craft projects were always one of my favorite classes in school. Imaginations can be set free! Such a great idea to incorporate things around the house!!

  25. I have to check them out 50 sheets of construction paper for less than a $1.00 you can’t even get that qty at the dollar store.. and I love the art projects they are so cute…

  26. No kiddos yet for me, but I am a pack rat!

  27. My daughter puts them all in her room, i try to toss what I can as she brings home so many art projects, we just can’t keep them all.