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Oh My Cuties @Gymboree

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It’s getting a bit more difficult to shop for Mister and Sister, as they are both developing very decided opinions about what clothes are cute, cool, and closet worthy.  Fortunately for us, Gymboree has plenty of options, and I recently did a bit of shopping with their approval.

Gymboree Shopping Spree

Mister chose the City Dino Short Sleeve Tee from the Prepped for School collection and a long sleeve raglan tee and.  Sister chose the Bow Tipped Sweater Dress from the Brightest in Class collection and the Gem World Traveler Tunic Tee from the Ready, Dress, Go! Collection.  Since Little Miss is too young to pick, I had the pleasure of shopping for her, and picked out the Scallop Stripe Sweater Dress from the Smart Little Lady collection, and the Gem Button Leopard Two-Piece Set from the Glamorous Friends collection.  Of course, I had to shop Gymboree’s hair accessories for hair clips to match both girls outfits.

Mister quickly gave his choices a thumbs up!

Gymboree Boys Tees

Sister was all smiles as she pranced around in her World Traveler Tunic Tee!  Getting her to smile for the camera is often another story!

Gymboree World Traveler Tunic

Little Miss is presh, as usual, in her Leopard Two Piece set.

Gymboree Leopard Two Piece

I must say, though, that my ultimate favorite outfits are the dresses for the girls.  We will be using these for Christmas.  Look at how gorgeous my girls are in them!

Gymboree Dresses

I had to play with the color/contrast on one of the photos, and I think I am going to blow it up big to put on my wall!


My Girls


^^^Oh My Cuties!!!^^^

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What is your favorite collection from Gymboree?

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  1. Such sweet girls, I love that dress dress! Perfect for the start of fall season.

  2. I love Gymboree! Great choice and such cute photos.

  3. Awww the girls are so cute! I like misters digs! I am waiting for the dinosaur sets to go a little lower and I’ll be getting a few of them for Sawyer! LOVE Gymboree!

  4. Gymboree is our favorite place to shop for kids’ clothes! The sweater dresses are great, aren’t they? I didn’t see those, so I’m glad you pointed them out. I think I want the red one for my little lady! It’s her first Christmas this year, so we’ll be taking lots of pics.

    (And that photo of your two girls is gorgeous!)

  5. the kids are so cute! I love Gymboree clothes

  6. Oooh I have to go shopping! Love the girly outfits for M! Such cute kiddos 🙂

  7. Those are such cute clothes! Makes me want to go shopping for my little ones!

  8. That is such a cute dinosaur t-shirt! My grandson would love to wear that, too!

  9. I LOVE Gymboree! It’s my greatest wish that they’d open a store in my city. (Okay, not quite greatest, but I really do want one.)

  10. I love that dinosaur shirt! So cute, my boys are dinosaur crazy.

  11. I struggle with paying full price for items. Even sales sometimes are steep, but I have a new friend from church who has an 8 year old girl so we’re getting a lot of her gently used gymboree items to store away for the future. We are SO lucky!

  12. Lisa Brown says:

    the green dress is adorable 🙂

  13. oh my, what little heart stealers! I luv the dresses, too. I like those thumbs up! As an auntie, shopping for nieces and nephews is fun til they get very opinionated – I’ll have to keep gymboree in mind, b/c it is a sure winner!

  14. I like the dresses for “sister” and “little miss” and I LOVE the b&w pic of them at the end!

  15. These are so cute!

  16. The kiddos steal your heart. The clothing is too cute!

  17. kathy pease says:

    Their clothes are sooooooo adorable..I wish my kids were still little I would love to shop there 🙂

  18. Gymboree’s clothes are so cute

  19. aww i wish i had kids now!(don’t tell my mom lol)

  20. Richard Hicks says:

    They have a great selection of clothes and affordable prices. Kids make great models!

  21. That big picture will look great on your wall. I like that they are looking at each other.

  22. I love the sweater dress and the Brightest in Class collection.

  23. Those outfits are so cute! I wish I was that fashionable when I was younger.

  24. Mya Murphy says:

    The clothes are cute

  25. Cameron Vedder says:

    Love the dinosaur shirt!

  26. Thomas Murphy says:

    My kids love Gymboree!

  27. Lisamwhite says:

    gymboree is awesome! Love all things gymboree related!

  28. I love gymboree !!! That animal print outfit is so precious 🙂

  29. Such cute clothes! My son got a fire truck shirt from gymboree.. he LOVES it!

  30. christina moore says:

    I love the little girls dresses, they would look cute on my granddaughter

  31. What cute kids wearing cute outfits!

  32. Absolutely adorable. I remember when my babies were small enough for Gymboree and I miss it SOOOO much. Nowadays their opinions are cemented when it comes to what they want to wear. I so miss the days when my opinion was valued! Enjoy these days – they don’t last long enough.

  33. Beautiful! And I love the outfits you picked out! I love Gymboree so much!

  34. We just recently started shopping at Gymboree and I LOVE their clothes! Your little one’s are adorable and I LOVE the great shots you got!