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Nurturing the Nurturer

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“A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

I’ve often thought this must be my Mom’s life verse.  When I was growing up, the joke in our household was that instead of bringing home stray animals we brought home stray people for Mom to take care of.  No joke.  From friends whose parents had kicked them out, to friends who were trying to get away from abusive situations, to the random guy my brother Joe found living in the junk yard at the edge of town…

Care for Others

He brought that man home to use our shower, then gave him some food and my Mom’s brand new shoes, then sent him on his way.  Mom happened to be at the grocery store, and when she came home it was to a dirty tub and missing shoes.  She quickly realized what my brother had done and immediately sent him back to the junk yard to get the man and bring him back again.  Not because she wanted her shoes back, but because she was calling her Dad to see if he could put the guy to work on his little farm.

Mom always said, “There but for the grace of God, go I” when asked why she did the things she did for people.  To this day, Mom volunteers in a local food pantry, serving those less fortunate than she.  It’s no surprise, then, that I’m a nurturer. Whether my proclivity to nurture is innate, or is a product of the environment in which I was raised, is really a moot point. I’ve always found joy and fulfillment in providing care for others.  I spent quite a few years doing just that within the nursing field, first as a nursing assistant, then as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and finally as a Registered Nurse.  After our oldest was born with special needs, we made the decision for me to stay home and nurture our family instead.

I know that the time may one day come when I, the nurturer, need to to be nurtured and I, the caregiver, need to be cared for.  As a career care provider, as a Mom, and as a minister, I know that it is important to take care of myself, and be refreshed, if I wish to care for others properly.  I am personally rejuvenated by time spent reading and in meditation and try to carve time into my schedule for both.  I feel better, mentally and physically, when I allow myself that time.  What’s more, I definitely notice the difference when I do not.

Make sure that you are taking time for you, especially if you are a caregiver in any way!

What do you do to refresh and rejuvenate?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. The world definitely needs more nurturers . What an example of selfless love and servanthood your Mom is.

  2. My heart really goes out to caregivers. It takes a huge heart to take care of another person!

  3. Family has always come first for me, but we as nurturers do need to rest too! For me curling up with an inspirational book and a cup of coffee helps me “reset” and gets me ready for more care giving.

  4. Caregivers are so amazing. It takes a really strong person.

  5. What Amazing strength your mother demonstrates. I hope I can take this and apply it in my own home. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your mom sounds like and amazing person. I’m glad she passed that spirit of giving down to her children!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! It is truly and inspiration!

  8. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman- and you are amazing as well! I need to start remembering to take more time for myself.

  9. There is a special place in heaven for those that are caregivers in every capacity. You and your mom will definitely be in that special place!

  10. What a great goal it is to be a nurturer and to truly have a servant’s heart.

  11. Family is first in my life! I think spending some time reflecting on those things that are important is the first way to feel better.


  12. I love your mom’s response to being asked why she does what she does. It’s a true testament to the love of God. It’s also clear that it has not missed being poured out on you! This is the kind of person that I strive to be. My parents are older and getting to the point that I am becoming the parent. It’s so very important to have certain life matters taken care of early. I do not want to leave any burden on my children.

  13. I really like that quote! Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady!

  14. What a great story, you mom sounds like a lovely woman. I love to help others as I love the feeling it gives after.

  15. Kimberly Schotz. says:

    Your mom sounds like a wonderful example. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a great story. The world definitely needs more selfless giving folks like your mom! No wonder you turned out so nurturing yourself. 😉

  17. The kindness and generosity of your family is humbling. I also worked as a caregiver for years as a nursing assistant, hospital tech and also home care giver. Now that my aging mom lives with me, at times I find I need to take a break from her as I get stressed out. So I have one of my sisters invite her to stay over with them. I love my mom dearly but this is my way of keeping my sanity.

  18. What a lovely post! My mom was like that as well. She fed everyone- on a food stamp budget. We were very blessed!

  19. I love the way that your mom brought you up! My husband and I are trying to teach others to show the unconditional love of Jesus and give them empathy towards others. Thank you for sharing about services that truly help others.

  20. I do love that quote. It’s not easy to refresh ourselves but it is so important.

  21. I too am a nurturer… as a RN, mom, friend. I just do that. I have serious trouble stepping back and taking care of myself though and my health often suffers for it. They say a nurse makes the worse patient. I think the joke is that they know too much to be a good one. But I also think that a nurse has trouble stepping back and letting someone take care of them. Even after I had my babies, I was trying to do more for myself to take the burden off others. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Your mother sounds like an amazing, caring woman. The world needs more people like her!

  23. What a sweet and inspiring post. I am sure it was a magical and fun childhood to be raised by a mother like yours. Thank you for the reminder that being selfless is one of the greatest rewards there is.

  24. As a mom of two little girls, I know I need to take more time taking care of myself. Including getting dressed for the day! That’s something I’m working on this year!

  25. your mom is an amazing role model. we should all be more like her!

  26. Our financial advisor made sure that even though I don’t have an employer (I work for myself and care for our son), that I have a life insurance policy. A cook, housekeeper, nanny, driver and pet sitter would be expensive if I were gone!

  27. Your mom was a sweetheart with a truly kind soul! To refresh myself, I usually take a nap. it’s really more of an escape, but it works!

  28. It sounds like your Mom passed her generous spirit onto her children.

  29. My grandmother was a caregiver to her own mother for a long time. It really took it’s toll on her. I wish that I had been old enough to give her the time and distance to rejuvenate.

  30. Oh I love this post so much. One thing I try to instill in my children is helping others. If I had money I would be going around town helping everyone in need and donating to amazing causes. We currently visit local nursing homes, donate to abused women shelters, and volunteer at a horse rescue.

  31. People like your mother are few and far between these days. Although I hate to be Debbie Downer sometimes it’s because people burn you. We’ve been trying to help my husbands cousin as best as we can but he keeps burning us time and time again 🙁

  32. Wow, what a powerful statement. And so true. You get filled up when you pour yourself out for others.

  33. Cameron Anderson says:

    My wife and i have started carrying around backpacks that have the necessities in them. We give them out whenever we someone who needs them.

  34. Buddy Garrett says:

    Your story is very inspiring. My wife works for a hospice so I know how special caregivers are.