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Now I lay me down to sleep

I have been praying for my children since before they were ever even conceived and with them since they were born.  Of all the responsibilities and privileges of motherhood, teaching my children to pray is one that I cherish.  It is my desire that they will one day turn to Jesus with their concerns before they ever even think of Mommy.

Because of their ages (16M and 30M), I have kept our prayers really simple. Here are the ones we say most often…

Boo-Boo Prayer- “Jesus, make it better, amen.”  Boo-Boo kisses come after boo-boo prayers.

Meal-time Prayer- “Thank you Jesus for our food, amen.”

Mister’s Sleepy-time Prayer- “Thank you Jesus for Mommy, Daddy, Sister, MawMaw, PawPaw, Angelica, and Noel.  Amen.”  Mister added Angelica and Noel (girls that we occasionally babysit) to his prayers on his own one night about two months ago, and continues to pray for them at sleepy time.  Occasionally, if we have visited someone’s home or been on a play date, he will add other children as well.  He can actually say his prayers without prompting, but prefers to have us say them with him.

Sister’s Sleepy-time Prayer- “Thank you Jesus for Mommy, Daddy, Mister, MawMaw, PawPaw, Angelica, Noel, and my Birth Family, too. Amen.”  As most of you know, Sister is adopted.  We have prayed for her Birth Family with her since the day she was born.  Of course, the only part she says so far is Jesus. 

Children learn by example, and are often sponges that soak up everything around them. 

Wednesday, as I put Mister down for his nap, I said his sleepy-time prayers with him.  And at the end, he said, “and my Birth Family, too. Amen.”

I had a tears in my eyes as I smiled and gave him his naptime kiss. 

My heart quickens at the thought.  He’s listening.

What prayers do you say with your children? 

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. That’s so sweet! The good things do rub off. Thanks for the smile.
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