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Ninja Ultima Blender Plus BL830

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Last month I shared with you that I did the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I enjoyed the smoothies so much, that I have continued to make green smoothies daily since the beginning of April.  I was using an ancient… and by ancient, I mean nearly fossilized, smoothie maker and though I enjoyed having my green smoothies, I dreaded using that thing.  It took at least eight minutes each day to make a smoothie.  Yikes.  It was terrible, y’all, just terrible!  Then I received the Ninja Ultimate Blender Plus BL830 which you can find in stores locally at Bed, Bath & Beyond, for review.  Insert operatic aria here.

Ninja Ultima

This system comes with 3 16 ounce Pro Nutri Ninja cups, 3 Neutri Ninja Sip & Seal lids and the Nutri Ninja Blade Assembly. Finding a way to be healthy doesn’t always have to be time consuming or difficult.   The pitcher size of 72 oz. on this blender makes for a great way to have recipes made and save some for later or share with others.  The quad blade is removable which makes for an easy cleaning when the time comes.

This blender is not short on power either. It has a 10 Speed Variable Dial and  1500W/ 2.5 peak horsepower. Get to whipping up some healthy recipes for you and your family and make living a healthier lifestyle a breeze. There are plenty of Healthy Ninja Recipes on their website that you can check out.  I am sure that you will be able to please just about anyone with their ideas.

I like to make up my own smoothie recipes, too, and will be sharing some of those with you over the next few weeks.  While I typically use my Ninja Ultima Blender to make green smoothies, I have also used it to chop cooked venison steaks to add to pasta sauce.  It’s amazing what this thing can do! Next on my list is all natural nut butter, I just have to find the best place to purchase nuts in bulk.   I <3 my Ninja.

Ninja Ultima Blender


Ninja® is one of several housecare brands in it’s family that wants to make your life easier to live healthy. They allow the consumer to have appliances that are functional and innovative. They have everything from steam mops to kitchen appliances under the belt. All are designed to make your life more simple. Their roots go all the way back to Europe then move to Canada and finally settled down in Newton, Massachusetts. This little town is right outside of Boston.

Mark Rosen who is the CEO of the parent company, Euro-Pro, is a third generation leader in his family and knows all about what it takes to have a quality product with efficiency. They pride themselves on being innovative and having competitive pricing o bring you the best. The company distributes its products through major retailers, specialty stores and through their websites.

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  1. I love my Ninja Blender!! It looks like you eat a lot like I do. Very Healthy!!

  2. The Ninja is high on my must-have items list. I’ve seen so many great reviews about it, I’d love to check it out sometime.

  3. Oh I really want one of these. Would be very handy

  4. The Ninja looks like a good blender. I am spoiled by my Vita Mix I’ve had for like 15 years. It is a work horse.

  5. Jennifer Williams says:

    I have one of these and it is pretty good. I wish it would blend a little smoother though, it has just as many chunks as my cheap one that I had prior to this.

  6. I am super jealous. I have wanted one of these for a while now!! I hear such good things.

  7. What a cool kitchen gadget. I would totally flip for this.

  8. Heard good things about the Ninja brand, but never owned one. Wonder how well they make ice cream shakes!

  9. I have been eyeing a Ninja blender for a while now, they look amazing! My daughter and I love smoothies so I really should get serious and just go buy one!

  10. Everyone I know that has a Ninja blender loves it! It’s perfect if you’re into making smoothies!

  11. Wow this Ninja blender looks like an absolute power house and very useful in the kitchen!

  12. I have been wanting a ninja blender for awhile. i have a majic bullet but for the summer it would be great to make them for the kids too.

  13. Insert operatic aria here. <— LOL You should hear me sing over things in my kitchen, too! And I have Ninja as well and LOVE it! Healthy meal replacement shakes every day made easy!

  14. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Ninja Blender, and now I want one. My entire family could really benefit from having this machine.

  15. I’ve heard such great things about the Ninja and I really want to get one. Your juices all look so good! I need to get on this and buy one already.

  16. We love our Ninja blender! It works great for smoothies.

  17. My blender used to be awesome when I got it, but now it’s just a jerk. This is definitely the way to go!

  18. My family is a Vitamix household but I had my first experience with a ninja over at my friend’s house on New Years to make margaritas and boy is that thing NICE!

  19. I would love a new blender. I have made strawberry smoothies for my kids and it never gets mixed up very well. It looks like a great blender.

  20. I have a ninja too. That thing works so well with! I love mine too

  21. I never cared about how crappy my blender is until I started reading all of these reviews. I want one of these now!

  22. I use my Ninja for pretty much everything! It is the best blender I own!

  23. I LOVE my Ninja Blender. The best are the single serving smoothies you can make.

  24. I love our ninja! The best part is how east it is to clean!

  25. I have heard such fantastic things about the Ninja, this makes me wish I had one. I had a different “super” blender system that was supposed to be able to handle anything and it broke within a week, leaving me skeptical.

  26. Great blender. I have one and it works well.

  27. This sounds awesome! I need a good blender for my morning smoothies.

  28. I read about Ninja before and positive reviews keep on showing up lately. I think this is a sign that I should really check this brand. I heard that they have great products that come in an affordable price. 🙂

  29. I wish I had this one! I have a Ninja too, but it’s the mixer one. It works awesome, but doesn’t have that bottom blade.

  30. Love my ninja blender! It’s awesome! Such a great blender to use for so many things. I make smoothies in the morning, love it

  31. I have the Ninja Mega Kitchen System and I love it!! Well I did love it until my little brother came over and begged for it so he could make his protein shakes after the gym. (eye roll …. I’m too nice!) I need to get another one!

  32. That’s a nice blender. We are big smoothie drinkers in my house; our blender gets a workout.

  33. Super jealous. My blender sucks! Been wanting a ninja for ages.

  34. I’ve always heard these are amazing! Looks industrial strength!

  35. I would so love this product. Looks like a great kitchen gadget addition!

  36. Ninja’s are absolutely wonderful and I love the price compared to Vitamix. I could never justify spending that much on a VM when there’s the awesome Ninja on the market!

  37. The Ninja sounds like a great blender for smoothies and juices! I can’t wait to read about your favorite smoothie recipes. I really need to take a green smoothie cleanse soon!

  38. I’d love to get a new blender. Mine is 23 years old and seen better days.

  39. I have a smoothie daily. So always looking for a great blender. This one looks fantastic!

  40. I’d love a ninja! I can think of so many recipes where this would be useful. My blender right now is crappy.

  41. I keep hearing good things about these! I stopped making smoothies when I killed my Bullet, so I need a replacement.

  42. We keep seeing commercials for this and my sons keep telling me we need one. I may have to break down and buy one! I keep thinking of all the yummy juice drinks I could make in it!

  43. I’ve heard some great things about this blender. I’ve been looking into juicing for my family and I think this blender would be perfect for blending all the fruits and vegetable perfectly.

  44. I have a ninja and love it.

  45. I totally love anything with cucumbers in it. I would try this smoothie.

  46. I like the way this blender works. It seems like an incredible machine.

  47. Ive seen the Nina Blender in action and it’s really powerful. Good for making so many things including smoothies.

  48. Le-an Lacaba says:

    we lost our blender during the storm surge, and we’ve been on a lookout for a new one! This sounds promising!

  49. Lisa Garland says:

    All I have is a Magic Bullet, how I would live a Ninja!!! I have heard so many good things about them. Love the total crushing and high speed cyclonic technology!!!