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NightCare Skin Products Review

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Between chasing a toddler, caring for an infant, working with animals and a lot of gardening; my hands and feet don’t feel or look great these days.  We are now finally into full blown spring weather, making it more important then ever to have my hands and feet looking great! You can imagine I was happy to be introduced to NightCare, a Justin Blair & Company brand and makers of spa-quality products for hands and feet who just launched two new products, NightCare Rejuvenating Hand Cream and NightCare Exfoliating Foot Scrub.

The NightCare Rejuvenating Hand Cream moisturizes hands with its paraben free formula that combines shea butter, jojoba oils, along with vitamins A, D and E into a silky, non-greasy cream to soften rough, dry hands. The cream is available in both 6.5 oz. and 2 oz. tubes for a suggested retail of $13.00 and $6.50 respectively.

I wash my hands A LOT during the day which of course leads to them being dry, especially my knuckles. When my NightCare package arrived I was so happy to have the Rejuvenating Hand Cream, we had been working quite hard on our garden and the temps went from the mid 80’s to low 30’s in less then 24 hours which ended up causing my knuckles to start to crack and even bleed a little. I tortured myself and waited until that night after showering to apply the hand cream. The cream felt amazing going on, almost “velvety”. I was very happy that it did not leave my hands feeling greasy or sticky, just great!  I really focused on my knucles when I applied the cream; the following morning when I woke up they actually felt really good and for once I did not wake up with dry, flaky hands! I have continued using the hand cream before bed and it has truly made all the difference in the world!

NightCare Hand Cream

The NightCare Exfoliating Foot Scrub contains natural pumice suspended in a refreshing aqua cool gel. The scrub gets rid of corns, calluses and rough flaky skin to leave feet feeling soft and smooth. Its refreshing scent completes this invigorating skin treatment. It is available in a 6.5 oz. tube for a suggested retail of $13.00.

My feet always tend to remain on the rough, dry side and I tend to get calluses as well. Wearing sandals while I garden and walking around barefoot certainly don’t help me. I have never been one to indulge in spa treatments, even though my feet would surely appreciate it! When it comes to the sandal-wearing months, I use a foot scrubber once a week and normally switch back and forth between exfoliating foot scrubs, as I have yet to find one that is perfect for me. I was excited to have a new scrub to try; but, I was not holding any high expectations. The consistency seems to be very similar to other scrubs I have used. It has a very pleasant, light scent to it that also leaves your feet feeling great! I decided to try the scrub out late one night while I wrapped up a shower before bed. At that time my heels were extremely rough and my feet were dry in general. Application was easy; I applied and massaged it around on each foot then rinsed-super easy! I was amazed at how great my feet felt and 90% of my rough spots on my heels were gone! I have now been using NightCare’s Exfoliating Foot Scrub solely and I could not be happier-my feet look great! After I scrub I doapply lotion as well; in the future I would love to try NightCare’s Intensive Healing Foot Cream, which the tube states to finish with. If the Healing Foot Cream performs as well as the Exfoliating Foot Scrub…then I am sure I will love it!

I look forward to seeing what else NightCare has to offer and I assure you they are worth checking out!

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  1. Angela S says:

    That exfoliating foot scrub is exactly what I need now that summer is here.

  2. I need some of that hand cream! My hands are always cracking and itching because of my dry skin!