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New Voice Worship- See The Day CD Review

I have just been ITCHING to write this review post!  Last month I purchased the new worship CD, See The Day by New Voice Worship.

New Voice Worship is the praise and worship band at our home church, New Voice Church, which is in St. Louis.  After I listened to the new CD, I emailed our Worship Arts Pastor, Demond, and asked him to let me know when the album became available on iTunes, so that I could write a review and share this album with you.  I got that email this afternoon!

New Voice Worship

We have the privilege of being ushered into worship every week by this team, and they truly are talented.  Back in the Spring of 2009, they produced a demo album, called One Voice, that I absolutely LOVE and still listen to.  When they announced that their new album, See The Day, was coming out, I pre-ordered five copies—one for me (well, for US, but the CD is in the van, and I am the one that drives the van, so for me), one for my parents, one for Hubs parents, one for the pastors that run the food pantry that I volunteer at, and one for Hubs to give to a friend.

About the album…

See The Day

See The Day is the first independent release from New Voice Worship.  I just have to say… this album is on fire!  I have listened to it countless times already (and imported it to my iPod), and it is a lyrical treat.

The album brings together different musical styles in a way that is refreshing, and the result is 15 songs that are inspirational, biblically based, and focused on glorifying the name of Jesus.  Because it uses a variety of styles, there is a song on this album for everyone!

Every time I listen to it, I have to play one (or more) of the songs over so that I can ruminate.  There is just something about the songs on this album that redirects your focus to the Lord God Almighty.  It is phenomenal.

Track Listing:

  1. I See the Day
  2. Here I Am
  3. Shine
  4. Sing Praise
  5. Joy (Jesus, Others, Then Yourself)
  6. O What a Name
  7. With a Thankful Heart
  8. Jesus Saves
  9. Idol of Self
  10. No Greater Love
  11. The Love of Jesus
  12. With All of Heaven
  13. I Will Always
  14. Reign In Me
  15. His Name

While I really like every song on this album, and could write something about each of them, there are a couple that are my go to tracks and I will share about those.

O What a Name is probably my favorite song on the album, and is one that I put on repeat often.  It is a simple worship song that just centers me.  This song is one of hope and should be on every sinners play list.  I love listening to it anytime of day, but especially early in the morning.

Idol of Self is a song that I could have written myself, were I so talented as the man who penned the words.  How many times have I wondered how I could be so spoiled.  I have spent some serious time soul searching while listening to this song.

His Name is a heartfelt song that will reach right out of the speakers and grab your heart!  It is beautifully sung, and is a powerful reminder that though things around us may change, God is our steady constant, and He never changes.

The New Voice Worship- See The Day album is available on iTunes for just $9.99 for the entire album.  If you prefer to pick and choose your tracks, you can get each track for 99 cents.

New Voice Worship

New Voice Worship

It is also available on

You can learn more about New Voice Worship, as well as find booking information, by following them on the New Voice Worship Facebook Page, on the New Voice Worship Twitter Page, or on the New Voice Worship MySpace Page.

C’mon and worship with us!  And if you are visiting the St. Louis area, we’d love to have you visit us at New Voice Church!  You can get a map and directions on the church website.

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