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Nance Family Reunion 2010

When my Grandpa Paul and Grandma Carol were still living, our family traveled to their home in Southern Illinois every year for the “Nance Family Reunion.”  Family came from all over, really, to join on that humble hill.  Grandma and Grandpa didn’t have much, but what they did have they shared.  And that made every family reunion one to remember.

I sure do miss them!


A few of my favorite memories on the hill include…

Playing tag and having to avoid touching Grandma’s trailer.  It had a short in it somewhere, and if you touched the side of the trailer, it would shock you.  Not enough to do any damage, but enough to scare you.

The rope swing that hung from the tree in the front yard.  When us kids weren’t around, the rope swing belonged to Grandpa’s pitbull, Toto.  Once, when my brother John jumped on the swing, Toto bit his butt.

Grandpa’s homemade barbecue pit (pictured above).  The thing had to have been four foot by eight foot.  It was large enough he could have easily roasted an entire pig on it.  All the adults would sit out by the barbecue pit while Grandpa cooked.  The kids would play and occasionally sneak up to listen to the adults conversation.

Grandpa’s large silver pot with the lid on it.  This is how my dad learned that you should never remove the lid from pot  unless you want to see the contents.  Grandpa was preparing to make head cheese.  LOL.

Grandma’s antenna.  She had an antenna that she threatened to whoop us with when we misbehaved.  I don’t know if anyone ever actually got whooped with it, but the threat was enough to straighten us out.

For quite a while after they passed, the family reunions went by the wayside.  Then, several years ago, they started up again.  I am so glad that they did.  Family means a lot to me, and there are some members of the family that I don’t think I would ever get to see were it not for the yearly reunion.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this years family reunion…

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Shane now carries Grandma Carol with him everywhere he goes…

My Mom has already started plotting planning something special for next years reunion, and it is going to be pretty cool.

Does your family have reunions?  I’d love to hear how you celebrate!

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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  1. I actually just missed our first, maybe only reunion. hated that… it looks like you all had a nice time, glad someone stepped up to honor the past and enjoy the present! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like a fun group I love that some of you had tshirts tht SUPER cool. Umm not sure how happy grandma Carol would be floating next to a guys stinky arm pit but hey Great artwork right!

    Blessings. can’t wait to hear about next yr

    We used to have reunions but most of the family is sadly gone. and the others don’t talk to one another except for facebook. Very sad
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