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Myself Belts #review

Mister is almost three years old.  With working on potty training, and his ever increasing need to be independent, I have found that I have one of two choices when it comes to his pants.  I can either let them sag because he won’t let me fasten the belts that I made for him, or I can let him use his Myself Belt.  We both, of course, prefer the Myself Belts approach.

We received the Sports Belt from Myself Belts for review.  I love the fact that the hook and loop closure allows Mister to fasten and unfasten it all by himself. And judging from his excited shouts of “Look Mommy, I can do it!” so does he.

Myself Belts was formed by two sisters, Talia Bahr Goldfarb and Danielle Bahr Eason.  Talia became frustrated with her inability to find a belt that her son could use on his own, that would not impede potty training.  Danielle was intrigued by Talia’s dilemma and after doing research, the two created Myself Belts.

Myself Belts

The cool part about these belts is that it really only takes one hand to fasten and unfasten them.  Mister hasn’t mastered the one handed approach, but in a pinch, when we are out and about and I am trying to stop Sister from crawling under a public restroom stall door while trying to help Mister go potty, the one handed approach has come in real handy.  One hand on her, one hand to help him.

Myself Belts are a great way to promote independence in dressing and in potty training!  And because it looks cool (i.e. has sports stuff on it) my little guy doesn’t mind wearing it.  And it is a far cry better than having to tell him fifty thousand times a day to pull his pants up.

Myself Belts are also now available in larger sizes for teens and adults and are great for those who have dexterity issues.  I can see how these belts would be great for adults who have experienced a stroke or other life altering condition that robs them of the independence they once knew.  I can think of several patients from the rehab center where I used to work that would have loved these!

I think the Myself Belts are a perfect potty training aid, but I also think they would make a great gift.   Why not stuff one on your little one’s stocking!

Myself Belts currently offers free shipping when you buy two or more belts.


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  1. This is awesome! My son is so ready for this, thanks for the info!

  2. I will definitely look these up! I have 2 grandsons & the younger one is a real wiggly worm, if you know what I mean. You can’t catch him if you try, LOL! and potty training I hope it near the end! the older one could still use a belt because he is so tall & skinny, LOL!