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My Summer Wish

September 22, 2010.  That’s when Autumn officially begins here in the northern hemisphere.  Which means, there are only 41 days left to get your summer to-do list done!  Did you have a summer to-do list?

My summer to-do list included things like…

  • Trips to the St. Louis Zoo with the kids
  • Trips to the Missouri Botanical Gardens with the kids
  • Teach Mister how to ride a bike
  • Go on outdoor play dates with MOMS Club
  • Lazy days at the White Birch Bay (local pool)
  • Successfully potty training two toddlers
  • Sleeping in
  • See Cats, Footloose, or Showboat at the Muny

I could go on…

So far, I’ve managed the Zoo once, the Gardens twice,  one trip to White Birch Bay, and a couple of play dates.  However, as I mentioned in a recent review, the heat index has forced us to stay indoors several days this week, and actually quite a bit this summer. The heat index values for tomorrow are expected to reach as high as 112F.  This kind of heat poses danger, even for a typical person that is able to sweat.  But for a person that is unable to sweat, like Mister or myself, it could be potentially deadly.


heat index graph courtesy of

So, we have to stay indoors.  It is so tough, though, trying to make two toddlers understand that they simply cannot play outside, and not only that, Mommy can’t go outside either!  Just walking to the mailbox in front of our house in this kind of heat causes me to develop symptoms of heat exhaustion!  So, if I could have just one wish this summer, and know that it would come true, it would be for the weather to mellow out to a balmy 75F and stay there.


Because then I could do most of the things that are on my list.  Of course, then my days would be crazy frantic with activity… I could take it, though.

Ahh… but we live in St. Louis, and August is one of our hottest months of the year.  So, I guess I will have to wait for fall.  In the meantime, though, it would be great if I could get a maid or janitorial services, because in this heat, cleaning is brutal.  Someone to come wash the walls, scrub the floors, vacuum, dust, do the dishes, organize the basement… Hey, a girl can dream, right?

What is your summer wish?

Disclosure :

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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