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My new living room drapes

We purchased material to make new drapes about 8 months ago.  When I ordered the material, I THOUGHT it was a vertical stripe but when it came in, it was a horizontal stripe.  Ugh.  I was not eager to make the drapes.  In fact, the material sat under my bed in a bag for months!  About a month ago, I finally asked my Mom to come over and help me cut the material.  I don’t mind cutting other material by myself, but with two toddlers AND stripes, I didn’t want to attempt it.  I just knew I would mess them up.  I really dreaded sewing them.  I didn’t even want to pin them.   I spent a fortune on fabric, and if I messed them up, I was going to be beyond angry with myself.

A few days ago, Hubs made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…

“If you pin the drapes, I will sew them.”

“Really?”  I asked incredulously.

“Really.” he said.

So, since I have been stuck in the house with these stupid shingles had nothing better to do, I pinned the five panels.

True to his word, this afternoon, he set about the task of sewing them.

making curtainsmaking curtainsmaking curtainsmaking curtainsmaking curtainsmaking curtains

Sexy is the man who sits comfortably at the sewing machine!

As you can see, that is two panels hanging on the rod, side by side.  And if I do say so myself, I think Hubs and I did an amazing job with keeping the stripes in line.

I have to confess, I cut the door panel too long.  Actually, I pinned it too long.  When I cut it, I figured for two inch seams, but I only pinned one inch seams.  So, we have to hem that one.  But the other four panels turned out perfect.

And yes, my husband can sew.

He even told me today that if I have anything else I want to cut and pin, he would gladly sew it for me.

Now, I just need to cut out our Christmas stockings!

I love this man!

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  1. They look fantastic – great job!

    • Thanks, Tammy! I’m just glad they are done! Now we are going to recover the lids of our three storage ottomans in the same fabric. Fun, fun!

  2. he’s amazing! I don’t even want to think what would happen if my husband tried that – probably a trip to the ER!

    • Thanks, Katie. Yes, he is pretty amazing! Some people just look at me and raise an eyebrow when I say my Hubs can sew. I think it ROCKS!

  3. You both did a great job – and yes the stripes line up perfectly. Great team work!

  4. They turned out great!