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My Little Pony Party- Rainbow Party Activities and Goodie Bag

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Last, but certainly not least, in my series of posts on Sister’s fifth birthday My Little Pony Party is about the Rainbow Party Activities (i.e. fun). I had four party activities planned for this party, and I have to say, they all went well.

Rainbow Party Activities

The first activity I had, which I allowed the most time for, was a necklace making activity.  I ordered rainbow colored Jumbo Lacing Beads, extra Tipped Bead Laces, and a pound of Great Big Buttons in fun shapes from Oriental Trading for this activity.  The kids really enjoyed making their own necklaces to take home.  They added those to their goodie bags that they took home, which contained a rainbow notebook, rainbow pencil, a glow stick bracelet, a small tube of bubbles, and two rainbow tattoos.

The second activity on the roster was a good old fashioned game of Pin the Tail on Rainbow Dash game, which I purchased from IrrelephantDesigns on Etsy.  The file came with a printable Rainbow Dash tail, but I did NOT want to cut out fifteen tails, so I grabbed a stack of heart-shaped sticky notes from Dollar Tree and used my rainbow crepe paper to make tails. I wrote each child’s name on the heart, so we could see who got the closest to the mark.

The third game was a Wacky Star Ring Toss Game, which I also ordered from Oriental Trading.  The kids enjoyed tossing the rope rings at the star targets.

The last game was a ball toss, which I used plastic drinking cups and a toy golf ball for.  One of the little guys in attendance actually managed to cup the ball and the cup remain standing, which is difficult to say the least.  He was so excited.

After the party was over, my Mother-in-Law remarked how amazed she was that the children that attended not only behaved, but also followed instructions for all of the activities, and even lined up single file for the games.  What can I say, my daughter friends are good kids, even at the tender age of five.

Sister’s party was only two hours long, and while I probably put ten times that amount of time into planning and prepping for it, it made her day and she felt incredibly special!


Sister with her party gifts

Now, I need to plan a party for the almost one year old.

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