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My Little Pony Party- Rainbow Food

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You may have seen, in my DIY Rainbow Ornaments and Party Décor post, that we displayed Sister’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic train set in front of the Rainbow Goodie Bar, which was part of our Rainbow Party Food for Sister’s My Little Pony birthday party.  Our party food actually took up both lengths of our counter, while the cupcakes took up another short table. The shorter length of counter held our Rainbow Fruit Bar and Blue Sky Fruit Dip. The longer length of counter held the Rainbow Goodie Bar.

My Little Pony Rainbow Party Food

Our Rainbow Goodie Par held Funfetti Cookie Dip, vanilla wafers, Skittles, rainbow colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds,  sour rainbow straws, rainbow gumballs, Pixie Stix, rainbow Goldfish crackers, and candy dipped pretzels with rainbow sprinkles.  While I picked up quite a few of the goodies locally, I purchased the sunflower seeds on Amazon and ordered some of the candy in bulk from Oriental Trading.

The cupcake table held the Taste the Rainbow cupcakes, which were simply yellow cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes topped with a swirl of vanilla icing and a single Skittle.  I chose to use Skittles on the cupcakes because they have the “S” on them, and Sister’s given name starts with an “S.”  The cupcake table also held the rainbow lollipops and the candy dipped marshmallows.

When I gave the kiddos their instructions for the food, I told them they could have as much as they wanted from the Rainbow Fruit Bar, but that they had to ask their parent what they could have from the Rainbow Goodie Bar.

As you can see, I tried to make sure that I served a variety of fun party goodies, as well as a variety of healthy alternatives.  I was really amazed by how much of the healthier stuff was eaten and how much of the fun stuff we had left over.  I would have predicted the opposite with a room full of five year olds!

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  1. YOu did a great job I love all the decorations that you did for the party. My favorite is the gum balls with the cupcakes