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My Fitbit Ultra

I first heard of the Fitbit from a friend and then saw it on my log.  I count calories, and one day when I was logging a meal, I saw that it said that the Fitbit was Fitbit Classic“now compatible with LoseIt”.

“What’s this Fitbit?” I thought.  So, I looked into it…  The Fitbit Classic accurately tracks daily steps, distance, calories burned, and activity level.  It measures how long and how well you sleep.  It is small and discreet.  Tuck it into your pocket or clip it to a belt or bra.  It uploads data wirelessly to your account.  There is no monthly fee.  By logging into your account, you can see online graphs, compete with friends, and so much more..

No monthly fee?  Wireless uploads?  AND it will sync to my LoseIt account?  I had been looking for an ACCURATE way to record calories burned, and liked what I saw, so last year in September, I purchased the Fitbit Classic (on Amazon).  Here’s a screen shot from when I first started using my Fitbit last year.

Fitbit Screenshot September 2011

Shortly after I purchased my Fitbit Classic, the Fitbit Ultra was released.  I was a little My Sleep Statsbummed.  Had I waited a few weeks, or if I had ordered it from the Fitbit website, I could have gotten the newly revised Fitbit Ultra, which does everything the Classic does AND tracks floors climbed AND has a clock AND has a stopwatch feature.  Oh YEAH.  That would be an awesome, I thought.

Fitbit UltraIn the meantime, though, I was impressed with the sleep tracker.  I feel like I spend a lot of time exhausted.  Even after sleep.  When I talked with my doctor about my sleep pattern, I was able to show him, using my Sleep Stats, that I am awakened no fewer than five times a night, and some nights at least fifteen times.

The Activity Stats came in real handy when I visited the orthopedist in February.  I was able to show that on a day when my knee is really bothering me, I do well to get in 3000 steps (eek).  That bought me some physical therapy, and I am back up to 8000+ steps a day, and headed toward at least 10K.  Had it not been for my Activity Stats, I would have had NO idea how many steps I get in a day.  The real measure of my physical therapy progress has been to see my step count steadily improve!

fitbit ultra and accessoriesLast month, I received an opportunity to review the new Fitbit Ultra.  Of course, since I LOVE my Fitbit Classic, I said yes.  I chose to get the Fitbit Ultra in the new plum color, so Hubs could take over the blue/black Fitbit and we could tell them apart easily.

Using the Fitbit Ultra is just as easy as using the Fitbit Classic.  I simply clip it to my bra and proceed with activity as usual.  With the Fitbit Classic, I could see my steps, miles, and calories burned, and a fun little flower (activity tracker) that adds more leaves the more active you are.  The Fitbit Ultra will show me steps, miles, calories burned, flights climbed, and of course my fun little flower activity tracker.  With the addition of the Ultra came activity badges.  Now, when I notice at 9 p.m. that I have climbed 8 flights of stairs, and know that I can earn my stairs badge with two more flights, I can run to the basement a few times.  And if I want to log in, I can see see my daily climb badge.  LOL…

Fitbit Screenshot April 2012

I really like that the Ultra has an added clock and stopwatch feature, too.  I have to say that of all my fitness accessories, my Fitbit is my favorite.  I can’t wait to see what Fitbit comes up with next!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if they came up with one that is waterproof and tracks laps swam?

***I received a courtesy sample of the Fitbit Ultra to facilitate this review.  I purchased my own Fitbit Classic, and would purchase the Fitbit Classic or Fitbit Ultra again.  All opinions stated are my own***

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Fitbit. I too have the ultra and sadly it reminds me daily that I have walked up the height of a giraffe only (2 floors) LOL. Need to get to the gym and increase my climbs!

  2. That’s an awesome too! I love that there is no monthly fee 🙂

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  6. I love my FitBit! I’ve only had it a couple weeks but it’s pretty amazing!

  7. I’d never heard of these!! Sounds so cool! Love that it tracks your sleep!!

  8. Awesome! I have been eyeing them for a while now (I think Lisa J has one too). How much is it… and do you recommend it?

    • Rachel- the Fitbit is less than $100 on the Fitbit site or on Amazon. You can also buy it locally at Best Buy. And I wholeheartedly recommend it. I don’t go anywhere without mine… well, except in the pool.

  9. I’ve been hearing about Fitbit but didn’t know exactly what it was. It really sounds like something I can use and enjoy.

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