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My Engagement Ring

It’s been a minute since we shopped for diamond engagement rings (we are approaching our sixth wedding anniversary) and I have to chuckle now as I remember our shopping process.

my engagement ring 2When we entered a jewelry store, instead of leaning over the glass counter to peer down at the rings, I knelt down and looked across them.  I received a fair number of strange looks while we were shopping, because when I looked at a ring, I didn’t look at it as most potential brides did.

<—This is how I looked at it…

As a nurse, I wanted a ring that I didn’t have to take off every time I worked a shift.  Which meant, the stones could not sit too high.  I wanted something that was relatively flat across the surface of the ring, without sacrificing diamond quality.  I worked with a lot of elderly patients, and did not want to risk my ring causing skin tears.

I also wanted something that I would be able to wear when I had babies, without scratching them.

I didn’t want much, did I?

Well, the next requirement was that I wanted a ring with three focal stones, instead of one.  And not just any stones.  Three focal diamonds.

Why three, you ask?

Three focal diamonds would be symbolic for me, and would serve as a constant visual reminder of the relationship that we would enter when we took our marriage vows.

my engagement ring

A covenant of three: between my Lord, my Love, and Me.

Marriage is a covenant (as seen in Malachi).   By definition, a covenant is a bond, contract, or agreement that is not meant to be broken.  It is supposed to last a lifetime.   The Bible also says that a chord of three strands is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  Diamonds are forever, and having a ring with three focal diamonds just seemed like the perfect way to symbolize a vow that we both intend to last forever.

While I wouldn’t trade my engagement ring for anything, if I ever need to replace it, I would shop  They have some gorgeous three stone engagement rings.

What did you look for (or will you look for) when you were shopping for an engagement ring?

(The second photo is my engagement ring with my wedding flowers.  My sister did my wedding flowers, and they were just gorgeous!)


This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Awesome.. Mine is a plain band now because I don’t want to scratch stuff up. Never thought about it the way you did!

  2. Very nice. My husband picked my engagement ring without my input. It isn’t my favorite, but it has been 21 years, so I’ve gotten over it.

  3. You have a very pretty ring!!