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Mulberry Street Unit Study- Sensory Bin

If your littles are too little for “Stop Light Treats” or to write on the Mulberry Street Printable Journal Page, you’ll love the last stop on our Mulberry Street Unit Study!  It’s a Mulberry Street Sensory Bin. What on earth is a sensory bin?  It is simply a bin (or tote or basket) that is filled with with objects that appeal to a child’s senses (sight, sound, touch, smell).  Sensory bins can be themed around a story, as in this case, or around textures or seasons, or whatever.  They are a great way to encourage imaginative play or to help a child calm down when needed.

Mulberry Street Sensory Bin

The Mulberry Street Unit Study Sensory Bin is simple to make.  Just paint white lines on a large piece of black construction paper to represent the road in your sensory bin.  You can also use masking tape or white electrical tape if you’re fresh out of paint (or don’t want to break it out).  Toss in some vehicles, animals and people from the kids toy bins.

Encourage your kids to make it a storytelling game as well, making up stories as they play in the bin. They are sure to love making up tales about the creatures and people in the bin.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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