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Mulberry Street Unit Study- Geography Journey

Talking about streets is the perfect opportunity to work some geography into our Mulberry Street Unit Study with this Geography Journey!  This can be done with a physical map or virtual map.  You can even let your littles use their Paper Tube Binoculars that they made earlier in this unit study.

Mulberry Street Geography Journey

If using a paper map, pick up a map of your neighborhood from the city center, or a state map.  If it’s a map of your neighborhood, have your child find your street on the map, and try to pinpoint your where your house might be.  If using a state map, get as close to your street as you can, if it’s not specifically noted.

You can also use a map online, or Google earth to check out your street.  Type in your address and take a virtual tour of your yard, and then the entire road. See if they can recognize your house, car, neighbors, parks,etc. Pan in and out to see the view from space. This is a fantastic geography lesson as well as learning computer skills.

If using a map online, show your child how to get directions from one place, such as your house, to another, such as to the local park.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. It is so much fun to teach children lessons using their real world as a backdrop.