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Mister Logic

IMG_7694Mister- "Mom, I am packing for vacation, and you’re not invited."
Me- "Hey, that’s not very nice."
Mister- "It’s just for little kids, and big people are not invited."
Me- "It isn’t nice not to invite me on your vacation."
Mister- "Well, that’s what you said about MaMaw Fredia. That she took a vacation and we couldn’t go, because we weren’t invited."
Me- "That’s different. MaMaw needed a break."
Mister- "We need a break, too."

But, I am recording it in My Quotable Kid!

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  1. lol That is so sweet. Funny how they can sometimes be so logical and we just don’t have words for it. He has a great point there btw.

  2. I know. I vaguely recall saying something along the lines of “Their vacation is just for big people, and little kids aren’t invited.” LOL.

  3. Kids remember everything! He’s so cute. 🙂

  4. So cute!

  5. You’ve been outlogic’ed by a child, and he did it beautifully!

  6. That is so cute.

  7. That is so cute! From the look at that picture, I think he meant it too, lol.

  8. Kids are so funny! They remember EVERYTHING!

  9. LOL He’s got you there!

  10. we all need a lil break every now and then for sure!

  11. April Decheine says:

    He is such a smarty pants for sure!

  12. That’s cute!

  13. Kids have incredible memories, and they say the funniest things, he is a cutie!

  14. Yeah, kids have memories like steel traps. And he is right, you now?!?! 🙂