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Mister Logic – The Question Line

rumble strips

You know what a rumble strip is, right?  You know, the grooves on the side of the highway stripe, also known as sleeper lines.  The ones that by jolt you alert when you cross that line by causing your car to vibrate and make a rumbling noise?

I have crossed that line.  I know you have, too.

Not often, but when I do, Mister always asks, “What’s that Mommy?”  or “Why is it doing that, Mommy?”

My typical answer would be that I crossed the line and the road was letting me know to get back on the correct side to be safe.

Well, last night as we were driving home from a birthday party in Illinois, I crossed that line.  I was listening to a string of questions and commentary from Mister about the birthday party.

“Why did we go to a party?  Why did we have to leave the party? Did you see that big slide on the bounce house? I went down the slide all by myself and I wasn’t even scared! Sissy and Lores went down the slide, too.  But, Jamie was too little.  Did you see the car that A.J. gotted? It’s called a mini cooper.  A.J. shared it, wasn’t that so nice of him?  Did you see me drive it?   Why were there cars on the cake?  Why did A.J. get so many presents.   When I have a birthday, will I get that many presents?  Am I getting a party for my birthday?” Then suddenly… rumble, rumble, vibrate, vibrate.

From the back comes, “Why’s it doing that, Mommy? Why does it make that noise?”

Tiredly I replied, “So you could ask questions.”

I can’t tell you how many times I heard that line when I was growing up.  Typically when I was doing exactly what my son was doing… asking a litany of questions.

Silence from the back.  Considering the prior fifteen minutes had been filled with nonstop chatter, the sudden quiet was stark.  You could have heard a pin drop.

Then Mister piped up, “Mommy, will you drive over the question line again, I have a few more to ask.”

Hubs and I just chuckled.  That’s our quotable kid! I told him that once was enough for all the questions he could think of.

Resume chatter.

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