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Mister Logic- Cumbersome

For Valentine’s Day, I gave Mister and Sister the WordWorld- Rocket to the Moon DVD.  image

We picked it up while shopping one day (I was coerced) but I told them they had to wait until Valentine’s to open it. 

So, this morning, I popped it in for them. 

After watching part of the DVD, Mister comes over to me and we have the following conversation…

Mister: "What does cumbersome mean?"
Me: "That something is difficult to handle"
Mister: "And heavy, right?  It’s cumbersome because it’s heavy.  Like a big rocket ship is cumbersome, because it is heavy, right?"


Thanks, WordWorld. 

I’ll get out the dictionary before answering anymore questions, so that I can be sure to use the entire definition, lest Mister think Frog is smarter than Mommy.

Cumbersome?  Really?

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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