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Mister Logic- Abstract Coloring

Sometimes my son just leaves me speechless.  Today for example…

imageMe to Mister: “When you color, you need to stay inside the lines.”

Mister to me: “Sometimes I color outside the lines.  It’s called abstract, and I like it.”


That’s my quotable kid!

How do I respond to that?

How does my 4yo know what ABSTRACT is?

I think I might invest in some abstract coloring books for him.

What cracks me up is that he is so LOGICAL about everything, it seems like an oxymoron that he would like abstract coloring!


After my initial shock wore off, I told him, “Well, when you are coloring for fun, abstract is fine.  But when you are coloring for school, stay in the lines.”

Did I handle that okay?

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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