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MightyTravels Equals Mighty Savings!

This is a partnered post written by me on behalf of MightyTravels.  All opinions are my own.

When it comes to planning travel, it’s important to know where to find great savings.  I don’t just mean rock bottom pricing, which is awesome.  I mean the deals that you will be glad you found.  The ones that won’t leave you wishing you had looked before you leaped.  We want to start planning our tenth anniversary trip, and I recently found  MightyTravels.  Mighty Travels is a site that lists amazing airfare deals.


Like a recent deal for a 3-week RTW trip for under $1,000! Los Angeles, Budapest, Tokyo, Manila in one trip!  Or how about airfare from Chicago to Copenhagen, Denmark for just $398 on American Airlines. Or Up to 50% off in the GHA (Global Hotel Alliance) flash sale. Say what?!?!  Seriously!  You can travel within the US for up to 20% off, to Canada for 33% off, or to Thailand for up to 50% off.

What’s really cool about MightTravels is that they completely lay out for you how you need to book it in order to maximize your savings and your points.

MightyTravels Example

The site also features travel guides, a tutorial on how to use ITA Matrix to find the cheapest flights, and travel reviews of many locations.  Like Hashima Island (think the James Bond island from Skyfall).  Um, yah, I want to go there!

Some deals expire do expire quickly, so if you know you want to go, you have to strike while it’s hot.  Other deals last a bit longer, though I wouldn’t lollygag on booking if I were you. What I REALLY like, though, is that when a travel deal does expire, they make it clear that it is expired by posting it in really big bold font AT THE TOP of the post.

expiry notice

^^See that?  They don’t want to waste your time any more than you want to.  ^^  I can’t tell you how many sites do not list when a deal has expired, and it is seriously annoying!  MightyTravels would much rather see you hopping a jet for your next adventure!

Embrace your spirit of adventure and follow MightyTravels on Facebook@MightyTravels on Twitter, and MightyTravels on Instagram.

So, where do you want to go?

This is a partnered post written by me on behalf of MightyTravels.  All opinions are my own.



Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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