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Meal Planning

“What’s for dinner?”

The question I dreaded hearing from Hubs.  For some reason, I could never find a recipe for “I don’t know” or “whatever you want.”

Years ago, as in B.C. (before children), I used to plan our menu.  Then, for whatever reason, I stopped.  I’m certain it had nothing to do with having two under two, or whatever.  But, now I need to start again.  The kids are older, and eat the same foods that we eat.  I know the benefits family menu planning.   I know we waste less, use what we have, and don’t buy what we don’t need when we use a menu.  Aside from being severely Sanguine, there is really no reason why I don’t use a menu.  So, I am determined to start doing it again.  I had a few false starts on my own (shrugs), so I finally asked Hubs for help.  Last week, we created a family menu for dinner, and actually stuck to it.  For the most part.  Weekends are a toss up, because we sometimes like to go out.  So, we moved those meals further down the calendar.

meal planningThis is week two, and once again, we have a menu plan for the week.

So, what’s on our menu?

Monday- Teriyaki chicken and egg rolls
Tuesday- Chicken sandwiches and salad
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Scrambled eggs, fruit pizza
Friday- Cranberry chicken and salad
Saturday- Tomato soup, grilled cheese
Sunday- Taco salad

Yes.  There is a lot of salad on there.  Hubs and I both need to lose weight.  We are also starting back our calorie counting.

Of course, nothing is set in stone, and we could move things around like we did this last weekend, but it’s a start.

As I said, I am Sanguine, so I will need Hubs help to keep it up.   That, or a Menu Planning for Dummies book.

I have seen menu plans on several other sites, and plan to check them out for more ideas.  Perhaps once I get this down pat, I can start planning for lunches with the kids.

So you do a meal plan (menu)?  If so, do you do it weekly, or monthly, or what?

Would love your insights!

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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