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Maybe Shingles. Maybe Not.

Have you ever had a day—or run of days—where you feel like if anything else goes wrong you will need a straight jacket to prevent you from wrapping your digits around the columnar stretch of anatomy connecting the head to the shoulders of the next person that says or does anything remotely idiotic in your presence?

Wednesday or Thursday I developed a headache that has the tenacity of Gorilla Glue. I say Wednesday or Thursday because I’ve had it for so long now that I can’t think straight.  Along with the headache I started having some strange visual disturbances.  The only way I can think to describe it is imagine you were looking through a tube and gradually the tube opening at the end was getting smaller, then all at once it went back to normal. 

Initially, I thought it may be my blood sugar, as Diabetes does run in the family.  Friday evening I went to a meeting for the Children’s Ministry at my church, and while there I borrowed a glucometer so that I could check my blood sugar over the next few days.

When I picked the Hubs and kids up after the meeting, I noticed that Mister had developed a rash, which I mentioned in my Choose Your Malady post. 

Saturday, I went to the drug store to get a battery for the glucometer. As I was backing out to leave, another patron also backed out andnowineedanewbumper

Sunday, I had to stay home from church with the kiddos to avoid potentially exposing other children to whatever Mister has. 

Yesterday my neck started tingling and later I noticed a lesion on my neck.  Then my neck started hurting.  I called the doctor and made an appointment for today.  Since Mister could have Chicken Pox, I was concerned that I may be developing Shingles. 

My head/face/neck have really been painful today. 

In fact, when I saw the doctor, I told him that if I had teeth, I am sure those would hurt, too.  Ugh.  Since I have only one lesion on my neck, the doctor was not convinced that it is shingles.  However, because the head/face/neck pain is all on the left side (and shingles by definition occurs on only one side) he wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t, either.  According to him, minus the lesion, my symptoms could point to trigeminal neuralgia, bells palsy, or other equally undesirable conditions. 

So, I left the office with a prescription for a 7 day course of anti-viral medication, a return appointment scheduled for Friday, and instructions to call the office immediately if I developed any unusual symptoms or felt like I was getting worse.

As I was headed for the exit, he said that he hopes I develop a few more lesions as that would answer the question of whether or not it is shingles.  Umm.  Okay.  Now, after two doses of Famvir, and two doses of narcotic pain medication, my face and head are still hurting.

Straight jacket, anyone?

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  1. MOMS BEST BETS says:

    Oh no, that stinks!
    btw if it is shingles you should google shingle diet and natural remedies. My friend did this and it worked!
    Hope you feel better

  2. How nice of your doctor to wish more lesions on you. I understand it’d give a definitive answer, but sheesh.

  3. Well, that is just so lousy! Did you congfirm whether Mister has Chicken Pox? I’m guessing he hasn’t been vaccinated… I’m really sorry that you have had such a crappy week, hope things get better for you. HUGS!!

  4. I know, right? I wanted to hurt him!