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Matilda Jane Paint by Numbers

I have always jokingly called Sister my little dirt dobber.  She’s a dirt digging, puddle jumping, mud throwing girl at heart.  She’s never been much for frills and lace, or all the things that are considered “girly girl.”  That is, until recently.  She’s taken an interest in having her nails painted, wearing skirts and tutus, and even occasionally allowing me to do something with her hair other than brush it out of her face.  Of course, that is only occasionally.  Since she’s been more inclined to try out the girly girl stuff, I thought it would be neat to try a Matilda Jane outfit out on her.  We received for review a Turtledove Knot Top, a Biscuit Tee that is long sleeved, and Gallery Leggings from the Paint by Numbers Collection.


The Turtledove Knot Top has a chambray bodice with a skirt that is covered in birds.  It is seriously cute.  The Biscuit Tee is as soft as can be.  It fits slightly larger than Sister’s other long sleeved shirts, giving her room to grow.  The Gallery leggings, which are my favorite piece of the outfit, are bedecked with huge hydrangea looking flowers and have a flared bottom with coordinating prints and a cute button detail.

I wasn’t sure what Sister would think at first, since it is not within her typical style.  When she saw the Turtledove Knot Top, though, she was like, “Oh, cute, it has birds.”  I told her that I needed to take her picture in the outfit, and she smiled her little impish grin, then took off flapping her wings, like a bird.  LOL.



“Mom, can I wear this to church?” She asked, as she ran back up to me.  I said yes, and she was very pleased with herself.  Then, “Mom, can I wear this to co-op?”  I said yes, and she smiled.  Then, “Mom, can I play in the dirt in these?”  I just looked at her.  She smiled her impish grin again. I guess she’s still my little dirt dobber.


The Gallery Leggings and Biscuit Tee look super cute without the Turtledove top, too.


By the way, these clothes wash up beautifully.  The colors are true, and I haven’t noticed any shrinkage, though they do say to allow for 3% if dried. How do you measure 3% shrinkage, anyway?

I see more girly girl styles in our future, don’t you?

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