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Math is Fun Printable Worksheet

One of the (many) thrills of homeschooling is that my kidlets love to learn.  Mister really enjoys math and often asks to work ahead or for extra worksheets to do.   He definitely gets his love for math from his engineer daddy, because while his Mommy can DO math, she doesn’t LOVE it.  I went all the way through calculus because I was told I would need it for nursing school… they lied… I wasn’t a happy camper when I realized they had lied.  Anyway, back to Mister and his love of math… after allowing him to work weeks ahead in his math curriculum and having printed a bajigazillijion (that is bajillion, gazillion, jillion, and zillion all added together, which is algebraic for A LOT) math worksheets for him, I’ve decided to laminate this Math is Fun Printable Worksheet for him, so he can use it over and over and over again!  It will save me time ***not to mention ink*** and will thrill him to no end.

math is fun printable worksheet


You can print the Math is Fun Printable Worksheet to use with your kidlets by clicking the link or the image to open the pdf in a new tab/window.

I hope you get as much use out of it as I know I will!

Which subject is favored by your kiddos (or by you)?

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