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Marpac Dohmie for #serioussleep #sponsored

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When Mister and Sister were babies, I learned that white noise is a secret weapon for DohmieBoxFrontserious sleep!  Little Miss is no different, white noise really helps her sleep.  We were using the white noise CD that Hubs had burned (years ago), but the breaks in the noise was enough to wake ME up, because I could hear it through the baby monitor.  When I received the opportunity to review the Marpac Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle, which includes a white noise machine that creates a seamless and continuous sound of rushing air, using electromechanical technology, I had to say yes!

It couldn’t have come at a better time.  November and December are busy for us.  We travel for Thanksgiving, have two birthdays (Mister’s and Hubs) plus Christmas.  Traveling alone is enough to interrupt the baby’s sleep cycle.  Add the seasonal stress to the mix, and oh my! 

This year, we took the Dohm WITH us when we traveled for Thanksgiving. It is lightweight, easy-to-use, and can travel with you where you go.  All you need is a functioning outlet to use it.  Because the kids room in with us when traveling, we had it in our room.  I loved that it has adjustable tone and volume controls, because I was able to change the settings it to make us all comfortable when rooming together.  We all slept well, which is remarkable because we all generally have trouble sleeping anywhere but home. 

While at home, we keep the Dohm under the corner of Little Miss’ crib.  This is the effect is has on her…


Now that’s serious sleep! Isn’t she beautiful? 

If Little Miss every outgrows her need for the Dohm, it will take up residence in our bedroom.  In the meantime, I keep the baby monitor set so that I can hear it, too. 

The Marpac Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle retails for $59.99 at Toys ‘R Us and includes the Dohm sound conditioner, a “Buddy the Bee Finds His Z’s” storybook, and a Sleep 101 publication from the NSF. 

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  1. I sleep with a fan 365 days a year. My husband hates it, but I always tell him that he’ll go before the fan ever does.

  2. Awwww she is sleeping so peacefully why wasn’t this around when I had my babies *cries* lol they coming out with the good stuff now.

  3. I have heard such good things about products like these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I sure wish they had these products with my children were babies. I used to keep a radio in their room and play soft music while they slept. Sharing with my friend that has a new baby.

  5. Oh, how I love white noise. My kids still have one in their bedrooms running.

  6. I t definitely look like she is out. I like to sleep with white noise too. I think Marpac Dohmie could be useful for adults and children. Would love to have one to travel with.

  7. white noise is great for sleeping or even just relaxing. i downloaded an app but often forget to use it. i wish i had one of those

  8. I bet my mother-in-law wishes that something like this was around when my husband was a baby because he NEVER slept. I’m going to have to add this to my list of items to get my friends who are about to have a baby.

  9. I’m getting sleeping just thinking about white noise. It’s funny how it works like magic.

  10. I love sleeping with white noise. I stopped when the boys came along as I sleep deeper with it and wanted to be sure I woke for them. When they are a little older I will start again!

  11. I have a fan running all the time.. guess it is the same for me. I am all for anything that helps little ones sleep!!

  12. We are all white noise lovers in my house and use fans at night! This looks like a great product!

  13. Aw, she is beautiful! And, I hear you…I’d be hard pressed to let the kids have this just in their rooms. lol My husband and I like to have the background noise of a fan at night to help us sleep!

  14. This is a great idea. We sure could have used this sort of baby sleep aid a couple of years ago 😉

  15. Hmmm I’m wondering if my three year old would like this? since our move he has had trouble sleeping.


  16. We need this!!! We keep a loud air purifier in the girls’ room,but this would be so much better!

  17. Our youngest sleeps with a sound machine every night. When the power goes out we make sure to have extra batteries for it – it works so well. I only wish we’d had one of these when my oldest was a baby!

  18. I find my kids sleep so much better when they have white noise. This looks like a neat device for just that!

  19. That is really cool. I think I actually need one of those for my husband! He is not a good sleeper.

  20. What an excellent invention! I need to gift this to my niece, who is going to have another baby and has a toddler at home. It would help so much in keeping the babies on sleep cycles.

  21. I have a sound machine/humidifier combo and it isn’t the greatest – especially for traveling. This looks fantastic, and I may need to get one since my son will be sleeping with a white noise machine until he’s married. (I’m convinced of this.)

  22. Love white noise! My partner used to work shifts and the white noise helped achieve a great nights sleep!

  23. I love the Dohmie! We have been using it for a few years.

  24. This is interesting. Really like the idea and the fact it can travel so easily

  25. I wish I had something like that when my son was little!

  26. I need one of those . . for me!

  27. That’s great that she slept so soundly even when away from home. You know it works when they sleep through a messed up schedule!

  28. This looks like a great product! I use white noise sometimes when I sleep so this is great!

  29. What a cool little sleep machine! I wonder if this would actually work on adults? I always have trouble sleeping!

  30. Aww, I’m glad it worked, and yep she’s a little beauty. 🙂

  31. We have that exact one (got it on amazon) and P uses it since he was born. We travel w/ it too!

  32. I heard this was a g rest product! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  33. This sounds like something every parent should have for their little one. I’ve never heard of it before now but I do have pregnant friends who would certainly be interested in this.

  34. This is great, I so need one of these for my 3 year old!

  35. Too awesome! I just got one in the mail today!

  36. We have a sound machine in our youngest’s room and love it! We travel with ours too but it’s a little larger, would love to check out the size of the Dohm.

  37. I want one of these for my sons or niece, can’t decide which yet. It looks like such a great helper for sleep!

  38. I like it that you can take it with you when you travel because it’s lightweight and easy to use. And it looks like she’s really having a good sleep.

  39. White noise helps both of our boys sleep! Our older son has actually moved up to listening to actual music at bedtime, but our 7 week old listens to the sounds of his Sleep Sheep. He still sleeps in our room, so we get the benefits of it too.

  40. This sounds like something we should try. I think I’d get a better night’s sleep with some ambient noise. I love that it has volume controls, too.

  41. I would not have serviced with out our sound machine, my daughter still uses hers and she’s three!

  42. Don’t you want to wake them up and just love them more when they’re asleep? She is darling! I wish I’d known about this product when my son was a baby. He did get a little difficult and we had a sound system that went off every 15 minutes. This would have been quite helpful.

  43. My 3 year old just talks and talks and talks at night. I need something like this to settle him down!

  44. That’s so cool! I’ve actually been thinking about getting a white noise machine since I work nights. Some days, I really need some white noise to fall asleep

  45. What a great thing. I will suggest this to my friend who is pregnant.

  46. This is something that I need for my little M— right now I use the Yoga station on Pandora 😉

  47. Oh I need one of these really bad! My old one pooped out on me.

  48. We’re white noise users, too. Red has a sound machine with white noise, and our bedroom religiously runs a box fan! I’ve actually seen these exact machines at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta.