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Magnolia Memories

When I was a little girl, my Mom took me (and my siblings) to visit Magnolia Manor, a Victorian mansion that dates back to 1869 and has been visited by Ulysses S. Grant, in Cairo, Illinois.

Magnolia Manor in Cairo Illinois

I don’t remember much about that visit, aside from an antique cradle and doll that I fell in love with and insisted I must have for Christmas.

That year, Mom, Dad, and Uncle Johnny spent hours in the garage, making wooden doll cradles for my sister and I.  Mom still has them tucked in her attic, and one day my little girl will play with it, just as I did.

In the meantime, every time I see a magnolia flower or a magnolia tree in bloom…

Magnolia blooms

I am reminded of the love that was poured into a wooden cradle.

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  1. What a gorgeous house.

  2. We have Magnolia trees here where we moved. They are beautiful!

  3. I love Magnolia trees and Victorian mansions. And what a loving memory!

  4. It looks like a house on Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures!

    • Megan, if I am not mistaken, it has been featured on one of those shows. My sister-in-law is into the paranormal stuff and was a bit jealous when my Mom took my niece to Magnolia Manor.

  5. That magnolia tree is so beautiful!!

  6. That house is beautiful. I love magnolia trees.

  7. Our magnolia tree just bloomed today. (It’s never bloomed before May before!)

  8. April Decheine says:

    That house is BEAUTIFUL the Magnolia Tree is too!!!

  9. Magnolia Manor is very beautiful!

  10. What a sweet memory you have and beautiful photos Virginia!

  11. wow those are beautiful photos. the house is stunning and the tree is amazing.

  12. I love magnolia trees.

  13. I lived in IL forever and never made it there! Looks beautiful!

  14. The magnolia tree is so beautiful:)