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Long Term Care Insurance

This post was brought to you by J Women’s Network and Genworth. All opinions are my own.

Once upon a time, when I was still working as a nurse, I worked as a case manager and care plan coordinator in the nursing home setting.  It was my job to help family’s coordinate their loved one’s care, as well as their benefits.  Sadly, many of our residents didn’t have long-term care insurance.



Often times, I found that many of my patients, and their families, were mistakenly counting on Medicare to cover their long term care.  They didn’t understand that Medicare benefits for long term care are limited.  They also didn’t understand that the benefit is generally restricted to rehabilitation stays in the nursing home setting, with few exceptions to the rule.  For the most part, they thought, “Well, I have Medicare, I don’t need long-term care insurance.”

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

In many cases, my patients needed care beyond what Medicare would cover.  Medicare doesn’t cover custodial care, nor do they cover care past 100 days.  They also only cover care within those 100 days if there is a “skillable” need, such as wound care, IV therapy, or physical therapy.

When my patients needed care beyond what Medicare would cover, I had to explain why their benefits were ending, and what the cost of continued care would be.  I saw the anger, frustration, and fear that accompanied that news.  If only someone had told them how they could plan for paying for long term care.

I saw, first hand, how the cost of care brought some families perilously close to destitution because they didn’t plan for the need.  As my own parents grow older, I can’t help but think about those days I sat in those meetings at work.  Genworth can help you make sure you are prepared for paying for long term care, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

Did you know that Medicare doesn’t cover long term care?


This post was brought to you by J Women’s Network and Genworth. All opinions are my own.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. maybe an insurance company will provide you with a policy for your advertisement and education! I work in LTC and yes, the financial aspect is traumatizing at times. We refer to Humana as INhumana and Blue Advantage as DISadvantage!! For those residents who have LTC policies, there are issues regarding that as well, such as the sheer frustration of all of the paperwork required by both parties to receive benefits or the stipulations of some policies that provide a year to three years of coverage…you just have to read the fine print and be sure you understand what you are getting.

    • Reading the fine print to understand what you are getting is a must with any policy. Having a second set of eyes look at the fine print is a good idea, too!

  2. these are the times when I am very grateful I am a Canadian and our health care is covered:)

  3. I did not realize that! I am glad that you shared, people need to know!

  4. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Yep, my Mom had Genworth. It paid for her home health care, since she needed someone with her basically all the time. Thankfully that was me. I was a nurse at the time, we went through the Home Health Care Agency I was working with at the time. I needed to quit working to take care of my mom (she’d had multiple strokes and was brain blind, less than 4 percent center vision, and her short term memory length was maybe at the most seven minutes). I couldn’t afford to not work to take care of her full-time, but since I was a nurse and working for an agency they allowed such. I still had to do the routine paperwork as if I were taking care of another client. I don’t think my Mom could have been placed in a nursing home safely. Even when she was at the hospital due to her short term memory issues and fears, she tried to run away from the hospital several times. I know the routine fire alarm checks they did had a lot to do with that, because I arrived at the hospital and they had tied her into a wheelchair at the nurses station and she was crying “We’re On Fire, Let Me Go, We’ll Burn Up!” They tried to explain to her it was just a routine fire alarm for a check of the systems, but she didn’t understand. I know at the nursing homes that they have one of those system alarm checks each month per each shift, so three a month. I could just see her trying to run away at least three times a month if we’d placed her in a nursing home. GENWORTH paid the Home Health Care Agency, and they paid me, which allowed me to be home with my mom full time. Granted GENWORTH only approved so many hours a day for care and I really felt they underestimated the care my mother needed at first. So we did take her to an eye specialist and he filled out forms about her brain blindness. So that upped the hours a bit, so I could afford to be with my mom. I took care of my mom 24 hours a day, but we were only allotted 8 hours a day pay to the Home Health Care Agency, but that was okay with me. If Mom hadn’t taken out the long term care insurance through them before she started having the strokes her saved money would have been gone in no time at all. If a person can afford to get the insurance I’d tell them to do it. Give up something to get it. If you eat out once a week give it up to afford the insurance. If you smoke give it up to afford the insurance. Not everyone is blessed with someone who can take care of them when they need that help, so look out for yourselves.

  5. Wonderful post, Virginia!

    • Thanks, Katherine! BTW, I saw the title of your most recent post and thought you should know that my kids and I ARE celebrating National Chocolate Milk Shake Day! One of those strange holidays that you just can’t resist. 🙂

  6. I didn’t realize Medicare didn’t cover long time care. My grandmother was in a nursing home for two years before she passed but she had savings to get her through. It’s definitely something to look into so your children aren’t carrying the burden!