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Long Term Care Insurance

This post was brought to you by J Women’s Network and Genworth. All opinions are my own.

Once upon a time, when I was still working as a nurse, I worked as a case manager and care plan coordinator in the nursing home setting.  It was my job to help family’s coordinate their loved one’s care, as well as their benefits.  Sadly, many of our residents didn’t have long-term care insurance.



Often times, I found that many of my patients, and their families, were mistakenly counting on Medicare to cover their long term care.  They didn’t understand that Medicare benefits for long term care are limited.  They also didn’t understand that the benefit is generally restricted to rehabilitation stays in the nursing home setting, with few exceptions to the rule.  For the most part, they thought, “Well, I have Medicare, I don’t need long-term care insurance.”

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

In many cases, my patients needed care beyond what Medicare would cover.  Medicare doesn’t cover custodial care, nor do they cover care past 100 days.  They also only cover care within those 100 days if there is a “skillable” need, such as wound care, IV therapy, or physical therapy.

When my patients needed care beyond what Medicare would cover, I had to explain why their benefits were ending, and what the cost of continued care would be.  I saw the anger, frustration, and fear that accompanied that news.  If only someone had told them how they could plan for paying for long term care.

I saw, first hand, how the cost of care brought some families perilously close to destitution because they didn’t plan for the need.  As my own parents grow older, I can’t help but think about those days I sat in those meetings at work.  Genworth can help you make sure you are prepared for paying for long term care, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

Did you know that Medicare doesn’t cover long term care?


This post was brought to you by J Women’s Network and Genworth. All opinions are my own.

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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