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Little Birds

We don’t use our front door often, so today when I opened the front door to go out and get the mail, I was surprised to hear birds chirping quite closely.  I looked up, and sure enough, some birdie made a home above our lantern, and that little humble abode now has four little birds in it.

little bird

I have no idea what species they are, but they are too cute!

little bird

They brought to mind one of the counting rhymes I learned a LONG time ago…

Five Little Blue Birds

Five little blue birds, hopping by my door
One went to build a nest, and then there were four

Four little blue birds singing lustily
One got out of tune, and then there were three

Three little blue birds, and what should one do,
But go in search of dinner, leaving only two.

Two little blue birds singing for fun
One flew away, and then there was one.

One little blue bird sitting in the sun
He took a little nap, and then there was none.

Of course, these little guys are blue birds, but they sure sing lustily!

little bird

Do you know what species they are?

little bird

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  1. They are adorable. I love baby birds!

  2. They are so tiny! Sorry, I have no idea what kind of bird they are.

  3. They look like sparrows but not certain – hard to say cause the size is hard to tell 🙂

  4. Karen Edge says:

    I love your site, Virginia! You are amazing!!
    The birdies are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing your incredible life with us on your blog!

  5. So cute! I dont know what they are, but you should try to take pictures of them as they grow.
    That would be nice to follow. Did you watch the stream for the eagle with her eggs and the hatching?
    Well try to keep us updated on these little birds.