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Lincoln Logs

IMG_8725Mister loves to build.  He can build with just about anything.  Blocks, other toys, silverware.  You name it, and he can turn it into something else.  One of his favorite things to do is sit and build things with Daddy.  So for Christmas, he is getting Lincoln Logs.

A lot of Lincoln Logs.

And I do mean A LOT.  In fact, he is getting enough Lincoln Logs for Christmas that he could build a small village.   He is getting the Lincoln Logs Fort Hudson set from us, a review courtesy of K’Nex.  And he is getting a HUGE bag of logs from my Mom.  My Mom actually got the bag of logs last year for him, but Sister was way too young (under two) for them to be out, so we had to put them away.

We are getting them out, and wrapping them up this year.

The Lincoln Logs that we received from K’Nex, as well as those that we received from my Mom, are made from real wood and are splinter free.  They have the notched ends that allow end to end building.  They are stained with non-toxic stain, so even if your little one chews on them, there’s no worry.  While the color of the stain on the logs we received for review varies slightly from those we received from my Mom, the quality is true to Lincoln Logs, and it is a toy that I can feel good about giving my son.

I know that the Lincoln Logs will provide him (and Daddy) with many hours of building fun, and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens them up.  He has seen some in the store, and has been like, “Maybe we should buy some of those, Mommy.”

imageGo back in time with Lincoln Logs® to create a Frontier fort! Fort Hudson includes real wood logs plus colorful accessories and play figures. These familiar notched logs and accessories are made to fit together, allowing kids to build any kind of structure they can imagine. Fort Hudson comes with a handy storage container for dependable storage and portability.

  • Build a frontier fort complete with a frontiersman
  • Real Wood Logs plus colorful figure and accessories
  • Handy storage container
  • 70 pieces

Lincoln Logs are a classic favorite among children of all ages.  And with good reason!  If they can imagine it, they can build it with Lincoln Logs.  I remember playing with Lincoln Logs when I was a kid.  We could play with those things for hours, and never get tired of them!  Did you know that Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916, by John L. Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright?  The toy sets were originally made of 100 percent wood, with varying colors of roof pieces.  In the 1970s, the company unsuccessfully introduced sets made entirely of plastic. Consumers wanted their children to play with the Lincoln Logs that they had played with as children, and the sets were soon reverted to the classic real wood on all their sets.  The product is named after Abraham Lincoln, the President who began his celebrated life in a log cabin in Kentucky.

Did you know that the is a Lincoln Logs Little Prairie Farmhouse is a set designed especially for little girls?


How cool is that!  It comes complete with the horses that have pink and blue mains!  If Sister displays an interest in Mister’s Lincoln Logs, she may just get a set of her own for her birthday!

Lincoln Logs are available at retailers nationwide, on Amazon, and on

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Did you play with Lincoln Logs when you were younger?

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  1. We have that set too, and I love it. They are a great toy.

  2. We love Lincoln Logs. My hubby bought my son Lincoln Logs before he was old enough to build anything, but he wanted to make sure he had them. He had a lot of good memories of building things with them when he was a boy.

  3. Lincoln Logs are old school and I love that they still make them! How awesome to include a girls set too 🙂

  4. they still make these?!? that’s awesome. My daughter would love the pony one.