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Lincoln Logs- White River Ranch

As you know, we are Lincoln Log fans here, and we all enjoy building with the Lincoln Logs sets.  Lincoln Logs White River RanchAs such, we were excited when we received our latest package as a K’Nex Review Blogger, which included the Lincoln Logs White River Ranch set, for our building pleasure.

The White River Ranch set comes with 79 logs, 1 cowboy, one horse, one cow, one dog, one gable roof, one add on roof, a door and doorframe, a Lincoln Log flag, a trough, and even a hay bale!

As I mentioned in my Connect with K’Nex post, Sister was pleased as punch that the Cedar Creek Homestead set included a dog.  Imagine her face, then, when she saw that this set included a horse, cow, and another dog!!  She was tickled pink!

Mister was just as pleased to be building as Sister was to be corralling the livestock.

Lincoln Logs White River RanchLincoln Logs White River RanchLincoln Logs White River Ranch

True to form, Mister and Sister had a ton of fun with this set!  I had a ton of fun playing with them, as well.

K’Nex and Lincoln Logs products are sold nationwide at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and other local retailers, as well as at and on Amazon.

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