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Lego Language

Last week, Mister dumped out his entire Lego bucket and left a big mess on the floor.  After stepping on what felt like the umpteenth brick, I told him to pick them up or he was grounded from them.  This is just a sampling of the week that ensued…

October 10
Me- “Pick up your legos.”
Mister- does everything BUT pick up his Legos.
Me- “If you don’t pick up your Legos, you are going to be grounded from them.”
Mister- “I choose to be grounded.”
Me- “Do you understand that being grounded means you will not be able to play with them until I give them back.”
Mister- “Yes. I choose to be grounded.”
Me- picks up ALL the Legos and stores them out of reach.
Mister- “How long am I grounded from my Legos, Mom?”
Me- “Until you miss them.”
Mister- “I miss them, can I have them back now.”
Me- “NO!”

October 11
Mister- “Mom, can I have my Legos back now.”
Me- “No, you may not. You are grounded from your Legos because you refused to pick them up.”
Mister- “How long am I grounded from them?”
Me- “At least a week.”
Mister- “A week is seven days!”
Me- “I know.”
Mister- “How many more days til we get to zero?”
Me- “Six.”
Mister- “That is gonna take for EVER and I miss them now.”
Me- “I’m really sorry. You chose to be grounded rather than pick them up.”
Mister- “Can I unchoose it?”
Me- “No, I’m sorry, but you can’t.”
Me- giving him the look.
Mister- “Fine, but can I have breakfast?”
This is gonna be a long week!

October 12
Mister- “Time to get up!”
Me- “The sun isn’t even up yet, go back to bed.”
Mister- “The sun doesn’t have eyes.”
Me- “Ugh. Go back to bed.”
Mister- “How many more days til we get to zero?”
Me- unable to find an answer in the uncaffeinated haze- “What?”
Mister- “Zero is the day I get my Legos back. How many more days until we get to zero?”
Me- “It’s not even 6:30 yet, and you are asking about your Legos?!?!?”
Mister- “I’ll be quiet until you get some coffee.”

October 13
Ahhhh.  No talk of Legos yet.  Of course, I have to go in and wake Mister up now.

October 14
Me- “Time to get up.”
Mister- “Is today day 7 yet?”
Me- “No, today is day 5.”
Mister- “Oh no! I’ll never get my Legos back.”
Me- “Well, if it was seven days, and today is day five, how many days are left?”
Mister- “Two, but that is forever.”

October 15
Last night, after we put the kids to bed, we were laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Suddenly, our bedroom door opens, and Mister enters with his hand held high.
Mister- “MOM! You missed a Lego!”
Me- “GO TO BED!”
Mister- as he leaves my room, “Well, you did.”

October 16


Mister- “I’m going to pick them up when you tell me to, Mom.”  He’s all Lego Technic now.


One week is a LONG time in Lego Language!  Whereas my daughter speaks in chocolate, I am now convinced that my son speaks in Lego.   I am hoping to never have to go through this again.  But, if I do, I will be a bit kinder to myself and start off with 3 days grounding, and adjust accordingly.  I don’t know if I could survive another week without Legos!  I am thinking, at this point, that it would be sheer lunacy to get Sister the pink bricks I had thought about getting.

What do you think?

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  1. Lol, this is so funny! You wrote it out perfectly, I could picture the conversations in my head.

  2. Okay love this & seriously (not trying to promote myself hear) but you might want to enter my Box 4 Blox giveaway going on now. Sounds perfect for you!

  3. At least he learned! I have threatened to suck up the legos with the shop vac.

  4. I think you did great hanging on for that long!

  5. So funny and cute! 🙂

  6. Wow u held out. WTG .. I would of gave in on day 3 LOL

  7. Lol. That sounds like what I go through with my daughter.

  8. Good for you for standing your ground. Hope it works@!!!

  9. Dr Phil says every child has their collateral. You sure found your son’s!

    My son is a teenager in love with a different girl each week, so his is his cell phone.

  10. You write so well and I think alot of us can substitute Legos for the toy de jour 🙂

  11. Good job for not breaking down, I am proud of you!

  12. I love that he pointed out you missed one. Sounds like my 5 year old.

  13. That was absolutely hilarious. I just kept laughing through the whole thing. He says the funniest things!

  14. I think Lego is the best thing ever. Kudos to you for sticking to your word (something I feel is very important). And, he sounds totally, AWEsome!

  15. I know you were frustrated by the entire thing but oh my gosh, was he not hilarious!

  16. I mean that he WAS hilarious. I think that came out wrong.

  17. Good job sticking to your guns it is not easy

  18. Good for you! And it sounds like he learned the lesson, lol.

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