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Lady V dZine will become That Bald Chick

As you know, in September I had troubles with my domain and server, which resulted in people not being able to access my site and enter the giveaways.  My site was down for a couple of days, and I was so upset about it that I cried on multiple occasions.  At the time, Hubs was on an international trip for work, so I couldn’t even go to him to troubleshoot.  Fortunately, the troubles were resolved.

However, the ordeal prompted in me a desire to have more control over my site.  And so, I started toying with ideas and domain names.  When Hubs came home, we batted around several ideas, and I finally decided that I wanted a new site. When I was contemplating names for my new site That Bald Chick just fit.


Well, as a lifelong baldie, I can’t tell you how many times I have overheard someone trying to describe me to someone else in effort to tell them who I am.  Nearly without fail, it goes something like this…

“You know Virginia, right”
”No, who is she?”
”Well, she’s (insert descriptors here)…”
”Hmm.  No, I don’t think I know who you are talking about.”
”You know, That Bald Chick…”
”Ah, yes, now I know who you’re talking about!”

I’ve always thought it was kind of funny.

So, Lady V dZine will become That Bald Chick.

I have been working behind the scenes to transfer my posts, etc.  I am really excited about this change!

The site is still under construction (or design per se), but if you would like to check it out, it is at

I know Lady V dZine has had some server problems today, and that has just reinforced my desire to have more control.

I’ve had several custom graphics made for my new site, and thought I would give you a sneak peak…

The first is by DS Graphix…

That Bald Chick

These are by Cazerella

That Bald Chick That Bald ChickThat Bald Chick

What do you think?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Leah Walker says:

    I have already mentioned but will say again how amazed I am at how very, very much those look like you. That is just beyond cool. What a great job.